League of Legends: Top 5 Jungle Champions

The jungle role in League of Legends is often overlooked by lower Elo players but can be hugely impactful when played correctly. Knowing which jungle champions perform consistently well in low Elo solo queue can help you better influence the outcome of games and climb the ranked ladder.

According to recent data, some of the top jungle champions in low MMR games include Evelynn, Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai, Fiddlesticks, and Kayn. These junglers share certain attributes that make them successful in the uncoordinated environment of low Elo matches. In this article, we’ll dive into why these 5 jungle champions shine in low Elo. We’ll break down their kits and playstyles to understand what makes them so effective when piloted decently.

Jarvan IV

Sitting atop the win rate charts at 53.1%, Jarvan IV is hands down one of the best junglers for carrying games in low Elo. The Exemplar of Demacia brings reliable crowd control, initiation, and playmaking to uncoordinated low Elo matches. His passive, Martial Cadence, gives Jarvan bonus attack speed after using an ability, while his Q, Dragon Strike, knocks up enemies in a line. His W, Golden Aegis, slows surrounding enemies and grants a shield, valuable for dives and trades. Jarvan’s E, Demacian Standard, plants a flag that empowers allies. Finally, his ultimate Cataclysm creates an arena around targets that Jarvan can use to lock down kills.

With his powerful ganks, flexibility between damage and tank builds, and game-changing initiation potential, it’s easy to see why Jarvan IV dominates low MMR games. This article will dive into optimal jungle paths, effective ganking strategies, and impactful team fighting for Jarvan. Everything you need to master the Exemplar of Demacia in low Elo and launch up the ranked ladder will be covered. Knock ’em up, lock ’em down, and flag ‘n’ drag your way to victory with League’s premier prince!

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Fiddlesticks stands as one of the most chilling and creepy champions in League of Legends. This sinister scarecrow strikes fear into the hearts of players, both with his unsettling appearance and powerful skillset. Fiddlesticks fits the theme of a dark harvester collecting souls, wielding a large scythe as his signature weapon for reaping lives. His passive “A Harmless Scarecrow” allows him to disguise himself convincingly as an effigy. If he stands completely still in this form, he will terrify all nearby enemies and send them fleeing in panic.

Fiddlesticks’ Q “Terrify” sends forth a raven to damage the first enemy struck and silence them, fitting the theme of a witch doctor commanding a flock for his bidding. His W “Bountiful Harvest” unleashes a pulsing area of effect damage around Fiddlesticks while draining life from foes to heal himself. However, his most iconic and fearsome ability remains his ultimate “Crowstorm.” This ability allows him to channel briefly before teleporting into the fray, dealing massive AoE damage to ambush unwitting enemies.

Currently, Fiddlesticks boasts a consistently strong win rate of 51.5%. He remains one of the most popular jungle picks thanks to his potent ganking and team fight potential. While an eerie and unnerving champion to face, Fiddlesticks continues to consistently reap victorious matches through scaring, outplaying, and destroying his foes. Though terrifying, this scarecrow certainly delivers results for those who dare to wield him.


With a whopping 51.3% win rate, Evelynn is one of the strongest jungle champions for climbing out of lower ranks. The demonic assassin thrives in the uncoordinated environment of low Elo matches thanks to her unique stealth mechanics and ability to quickly delete squishy targets. Evelynn’s passive, Demon Shade, allows her to stealth after not taking damage for a few seconds, letting her sneak up on oblivious enemies.

Her Q, Hate Spike, deals damage to a target and chains to nearby champions, helping Evelynn finish off low-health foes. E slashes enemies with her Whiplash, while her W, Allure, gives her a burst of speed to chase down targets. Finally, her R, Last Caress, is a high-damage execute that refunds cooldown when used to kill champions. With her fluid combo potential, high burst damage, and elusive stealth, it’s no wonder Evelynn dominates in low Elo.

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The void-born creature Rek’Sai continues to terrorize the Rift as one of League of Legends’ most frightening jungle champions. With her alien design and burrowing gameplay, she brings true fear to all opponents. Rek’Sai’s passive “Fury of the Xer’Sai” grants her bonuses while burrowed, as she tunnels underground like a vicious worm. Her Q “Queen’s Wrath” unleashes a skill-shot knockup, allowing her to burst from below and ambush unwary enemies.

Rek’Sai’s W “Burrow” lets her tunnel across the terrain, giving her swift map mobility to hunt prey. Her E “Furious Bite” deals true damage, while empowered attacks from her passive shred armor to amplify her damage. But her most impactful ability remains her ultimate “Void Rush.” This lets Rek’Sai dash to any recently spotted enemy, even across the map, allowing her to viciously ambush isolated targets.

With this frightening and aggressive kit, Rek’Sai has carved out a top-tier spot in the jungle. She currently boasts an impressive win rate of 51.1%. Even in higher elo, Rek’Sai sees frequent pro play for her potent ganks and map control. Though an unnerving and bizarre creature, Rek’Sai continues to achieve victory through vicious ambushes and relentless hunting. Her terrifying presence plunges enemies into the Void’s abyss, securing many wins for those who can control this vicious monster. Rek’Sai remains a popular and successful jungle terror on the Rift.


The deadly Ionian assassin Kayn continues to carve up the opposition in League of Legends. Wielding his iconic scythe Rhaast, he slashes and dashes through teamfights spreading chaos and destruction. Kayn’s unique passive “The Darkin Scythe” allows him to evolve mid-match into either a lethal Shadow Assassin or an unkillable Darkin based on who he defeats. This grants him immense versatility to adapt his playstyle.

Kayn’s Q “Reaping Slash” damages all enemies struck in a wide swath, while his W “Blade’s Reach” slashes through terrain for unexpected ambushes. His E “Shadow Step” lets Kayn dash through walls, boosting his mobility through any jungle. When he transforms into Shadow Assassin, his assassination potential skyrockets with extended range, damage, and invisibility on his E. The Darkin form grants bonus health and healing, making him a drain-tanking nightmare.

However, his ultimate “Umbral Trespass” defines Kayn. He can dive inside enemies, dealing massive damage before emerging untargetable. This grants him immense outplay potential and multifaceted threat. Currently, Kayn boasts a strong win rate of 51% at all ranks, a testament to his flexibility and mastery curve rewarding experience. Though difficult to play perfectly, Kayn continues to terrorize opponents once mastered. His scythe remains hungry for both flesh and victories.

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And there you have it – the top 5 jungle champions for finding success in low Elo League of Legends matches. From the raw gank power of Evelynn to Jarvan‘s game-changing initiation and Rek’Sai’s map mobility, these champions all bring distinct strengths that let them excel in disorganized low MMR games. By understanding their kits and playstyles, you’ll know exactly how to pilot them to victory through bronzie chaos.

Of course, champion pick is only one piece of the puzzle – good fundamentals like map awareness, objective control, and vision are all key as well. But armed with the right jungle pick for your playstyle, you’ll have a much easier time carrying games and climbing out of lower ranks. Trust in the strengths of these potent low Elo junglers, focus on improving your overall gameplay, and you’ll be well on your way to jumping divisions and reaching your true skill level. The jungle awaits – go forth and conquer!

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