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About ArcaneScript

ArcaneScript offers the perfect blend of performance, control, and simplicity

Here’s how ArcaneScript will redefine your LoL experience:

Step into the next dimension of gameplay. Unlock powerful features like Evade, Zoom Hack, Skin Changer, Orbwalker, and Champion Combos.

Integration is simple. Once you’re set up, prepare to watch the magic unfold. Every element of ArcaneScript amplifies your strategic prowess and adds a new depth to your combat encounters.

Our expert development keeps ArcaneScript agile, updated, and always one step ahead of Riot’s updates — and our undefeated track record speaks for itself. Constant vigilance ensures ArcaneScript stays undetected, bypassing the Anti Cheat system with ease.

Experience ArcaneScript’s unrivaled power and reliability. Our perfect track record ensures secure, continuous gameplay. Your optimal LoL Script is here, loaded with super-effective features like Evade, Zoom Hack, Skin Changer, Orbwalker, and Champion Combos. Witness these versatile tools seamlessly blend into your gameplay, driving up your LoL MMR like never before.

ArcaneScript is more than just a tool. It’s an affordable, community-driven, undetected extension to LoL, designed to take you to the next level. When you embrace ArcaneScript, you step into a network of gamers thriving on an enhanced LoL experience. Our community shares strategies, rejoices in victories, and improves together.

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ArcaneScript Prices

We believe in giving you complete control over your gaming experience. That’s why we offer flexible licensing options that allow you to purchase licenses upfront, without any automatic subscriptions or recurring fees.

1 Day License

20.00€ 10.00€

30 Day License

50.00€ 39.00€

Our Features

We take pride in ensuring that every single function works flawlessly, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience. While others may simply list features, we go the extra mile to make sure they work seamlessly and without any glitches. With our script, you can trust that every feature has been perfected to enhance your gameplay to the fullest.


Slip through combat like a phantom, outmaneuvering your rivals with grace. Our Evade feature makes you elusive on the battlefield, allowing you to automatically dodge enemy skill shots for that edge in combat.

Skin Changer

Transform your avatar in a flash with our Skin Changer. Equip every champion's skin, even during in-game switch-ups. Discover new styles, all at no cost. Your champion, your rules.

Zoom Hack

Claim the battlefield with a bird's-eye view. Zoom Hack breaks the limits, offering a broader perspective of the combat field. Track enemies, strategize, and seize victory from a height others only dream of.


Secure victory with every move. ArcaneScript's advanced Prediction feature sharpens your skill shots, adapting to your opponent's movements. It's not just about reacting, it's about anticipating. Take your attacks and skills to the next level, and stay one step ahead.


Command champions like never before and unleash a flawless sequence of abilities with Combo+. We refine each champion's sequence for optimal execution, letting you focus on the thrill of the fight. Take on high ELO players with ease and show them who's boss!


Dance through the battlefield with Orbwalker+. Maximizing damage output and mobility, you cover more distance between auto attacks attacks. This features essentially allows you to attack while moving. You're not just fighting, you're performing a deadly ballet.

Target Selector

Pinpoint precision meets tactical brilliance in our Target Selector. Choose your targets wisely, exploit vulnerabilities, and outwit enemy champions.


Equip ArcaneScript's Activator for smarter, faster gameplay. Our feature automatically uses items at the optimal moment, so no cooldown goes to waste. It's like having a trusted ally always at your side.

Anti Cheat Bypass

Play with confidence with our Anti Cheat Bypass. Our developers maintain constant vigilance, keeping ArcaneScript updated and undetected amidst any game changes. Play bold, play safe, play ArcaneScript.

Why ArcaneScript

Mediocrity is commonplace. ArcaneScript is the outlier in the crowded arena of LoL scripts. No reliance on outdated codebases like Toir or Toir+. No settling for second-rate.We deliver revolution. We handcraft excellence. Our script, entirely new. The technology, cutting-edge.That’s the ArcaneScript promise. It’s more than a game changer. It’s the game, redefined.

Why ArcaneScript

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Check out what others say about the number one League of Legends script.
Our customers are convinced, and we’re confident that you will be too.

Four Reasons To Buy A LoL Script

LoL Match History with Script
  1. Automated Gameplay Improvement: Let’s face it. Mastery in LoL demands time, skill, and relentless effort. A LoL script doesn’t just help — it accelerates your journey. From executing slick ability combos to precision clicking, automation gives you the upper hand. Limited time for hardcore training? No worries. Gain the edge, the smart way.

  2. Efficient Resource Farming: Automatically select the right targets? Check. Execute attacks with impeccable timing? Double-check. Our LoL script transforms your resource farming into a relentless machine, helping you gather gold and experience points with unprecedented efficiency. That way, you get faster power scaling and a clear edge in the game.

  3. Enhanced Reaction Time: Shave milliseconds off your reaction time — often the difference between a win and a loss. Our LoL script activates a lightning-quick response based on specific conditions. Gain the edge, outpace opponents, and dominate critical moments with unerring speed.

  4. Skill Training and Experimentation: Enhance your skill level by using a script. When you automate tasks, you can dial in your focus on your strategies and techniques. And over time, you’ll improve your skill level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internal League Script?

An internal league script (like ArcaneScript) works deep within the game's architecture, tapping into memory reading and writing capabilities. Why? To access data directly from your system's memory. This tight integration brings top-tier performance, solid security, advanced features, and responsive customer support. 

The end result? An unrivaled gaming experience. This isn't just a simple League of Legends hack, it's taking your gameplay to the next level.

Is ArcaneScript really undetected?

Absolutely! Our confidence lies in ArcaneScript's robust security measures that ensure invisibility to Riot Games' anti-cheat systems. Our proficient developers constantly refine and upgrade the script to remain ahead of the curve. Up until now, no user has faced a ban while using ArcaneScript. We place your security at the forefront, delivering a dependable experience, allowing you to concentrate on conquering the game, worry-free.

How frequently is ArcaneScript updated?

We understand the importance of timely updates for ArcaneScript. Our team is committed to ensuring that ArcaneScript stays up-to-date with the latest changes in League of Legends. In fact, we prioritize updating ArcaneScript before Riot Games releases their updates across all servers. 


By staying ahead of the curve, we ensure that you have access to a fully functional and optimized script that seamlessly integrates with the latest version of the game. This way, you can enjoy a reliable and uninterrupted gaming experience, maintaining your competitive edge in every match.

Can i try the league script for free?

We previously offered free trials for our League script. However, due to misuse by some users, we have discontinued the free trial option. In order to maintain a high-quality experience and ensure fair usage, we have implemented a new approach. 

We now offer a 30% discount on Crypto payments, making it more accessible for users to experience the full capabilities of our League script. This allows us to provide a secure and reliable service while still offering a competitive pricing option for those interested in maximizing their gameplay potential.

Where do i get my License from?

The license is immediately available via your email once sent.