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The #1 League of Legends Script

Stay Undetected. Master Gameplay. Dominate with the Ultimate LoL Script.

What is ArcaneScript?

Step into the next dimension of gameplay. Unlock powerful features like Evade, Zoom Hack, Skin Changer, Orbwalker, and Champion Combos.

Integration is simple. Once you’re set up, prepare to watch the magic unfold. Every element of ArcaneScript amplifies your strategic prowess and adds a new depth to your combat encounters.

Our expert development keeps ArcaneScript agile, updated, and always one step ahead of Riot’s updates — and our undefeated track record speaks for itself. Constant vigilance ensures ArcaneScript stays undetected, bypassing the Anti Cheat system with ease.

Experience ArcaneScript’s unrivaled power and reliability. Our perfect track record ensures secure, continuous gameplay. Your optimal LoL Script is here, loaded with super-effective features like Evade, Zoom Hack, Skin Changer, Orbwalker, and Champion Combos. Witness these versatile tools seamlessly blend into your gameplay, driving up your LoL MMR like never before.

ArcaneScript is more than just a tool. It’s an affordable, community-driven, undetectable extension to LoL, designed to take you to the next level. When you embrace ArcaneScript, you step into a network of gamers thriving on an enhanced LoL experience. Our community shares strategies, rejoices in victories, and improves together.

Join us today.

ArcaneScript Prices

We believe in giving you complete control over your gaming experience. That’s why we offer flexible licensing options that allow you to purchase licenses upfront, without any automatic subscriptions or recurring fees.

1 Day License

15.00€ 15€

7 Day License

45.00€ 35€

30 Day License

90.00€ 65€

Feature-Packed LoL Script

An unbeatable gaming experience necessitates flawless function. And although our feature list is long, our trusty developers constantly ensure each one is glitch-free. “ArcaneScript” and “perfection” may as well be synonyms.


Slip through combat like a phantom, outmaneuvering your rivals with grace. Our Evade feature makes you elusive on the battlefield, allowing you to automatically dodge enemy skill shots for that edge in combat.

Skin Changer

Transform your avatar in a flash with our Skin Changer. Equip every champion's skin, even during in-game switch-ups. Discover new styles, all at no cost. Your champion, your rules.

Zoom Hack

Claim the battlefield with a bird's-eye view. Zoom Hack breaks the limits, offering a broader perspective of the combat field. Track enemies, strategize, and seize victory from a height others only dream of.


Secure victory with every move. ArcaneScript's advanced Prediction feature sharpens your skill shots, adapting to your opponent's movements. It's not just about reacting, it's about anticipating. Take your attacks and skills to the next level, and stay one step ahead.


Command champions like never before and unleash a flawless sequence of abilities with Combo+. We refine each champion's sequence for optimal execution, letting you focus on the thrill of the fight. Take on high ELO players with ease and show them who's boss!


Dance through the battlefield with Orbwalker+. Maximizing damage output and mobility, you cover more distance between auto attacks attacks. This feature essentially allows you to attack while moving. You're not just fighting, you're performing a deadly ballet.

Target Selector

Dominate with pinpoint precision by enabling Target Selector. Flawless strategic sorcery is yours to take with this feature — choose your target, exploit their vulnerabilities, and outsmart your opponents.


Equip ArcaneScript's Activator for smarter, faster gameplay. Our feature automatically uses items at the optimal moment, so no cooldown goes to waste. It's like having a trusted ally always at your side.

Anti Cheat Bypass

Play with confidence with our Anti Cheat Bypass. Our developers maintain constant vigilance, keeping ArcaneScript updated and undetected amidst any game changes. Play bold, play safe, play ArcaneScript.

Why ArcaneScript?

Mediocrity is commonplace. ArcaneScript is the outlier in the crowded arena of LoL scripts

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Ready to reach the LoL rank you’ve been yearning for? Choose your license to instantly boost your gameplay. That competitive edge is just a few clicks away.

You Need an LoL Script. Here's Why:

1. Instant Gameplay Boost

LoL mastery demands more time and energy than most of us can give (full time jobs are a thing, after all). Unless you’re the next professional player, you’re unlikely to run with the big names without an enhancement by your side.

With a League of Legends script, you won’t just act like a pro, you’ll rank like a pro. From flawless ability sequences to pinpoint precision to unwasted cooldowns, you’ll gain a competitive edge without dedicating hours getting sweaty. What’s not to love?

2. Superhuman Reaction Times

Fast-paced games demand rapid reaction times, and LoL is no different. Often, a mere millisecond or two is the difference between reigning supreme and finishing last.

ArcaneScript supplies lightning-fast responses based on certain conditions, ensuring you outpace even the greatest of opponents. After all, timing is critical for game domination.

3. Pro-Like Resource Farming

With our League of Legends script, your resource farming efforts will transform from a painstaking process into an unwaveringly efficient operation. Gathering gold and racking up experience points has never been so easy.

4. Ditch the Flaming

Regardless of how much we love the game, we can’t deny it’s a toxic place. From flamers to supposedly never-at-fault individuals to smurfs, League of Legends is often filled with insults making lobbies less-than-harmonious environments.

Wouldn’t it be great to ditch all that? Well, now you can! All it takes is a LoL script tucked under your belt to ensure you carry the team to glory. Blaming and flaming will immediately turn into applauding and lauding. 

5. Renewed Enjoyment

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t hold League of Legends dear to your heart, but if you’ve been playing for a long time, you’ll understand what we mean when we say some parts are aggravating.

Luckily, our League script allows you to kiss goodbye to them all by automating or simplifying particular mechanics. You won’t just fly through the ranks; you’ll rekindle that passionate LoL fire.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Check out what others say about the number one League of Legends script.
Our customers are convinced, and we’re confident that you will be too.

Want to learn more about LoL?

Dive into our LoL Blog, a trove of tips, tactics, and tantalizing strategies waiting to be unearthed. Let curiosity lead your gameplay to new heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internal League Script?

An internal League of Legends script harnesses the game's processes and memory, guaranteeing rapid responses to certain in-play actions. Put simply, it's a program that automates certain aspects of the game. Whether you have the LoL window front and center or not, you'll still dodge enemy abilities like a pro.


If advanced features, unrivalled performance, steadfast security, and around-the-clock support is what you're after, consider your search over. We don't do things by halves; ArcaneScript skyrockets your gameplay to all-new heights.

You Say ArcaneScript Runs Undetected. Are You Sure?

We all know Riot Games is constantly finding new ways to eradicate LoL hacks and cheats. But we've taken many steps to ensure ArcaneScript is invisible to anti-cheat systems, so you can enhance your play without a care in the world.


To keep your mind fully at ease, our developers are constantly upgrading the script to stay ahead of the curve and dodge ever-crafty systems before they make their way into the game. And so far, it's working wonders — no players have suffered bans with our League of Legends script. Your security is at the heart of what we do.

How Often Do You Update ArcaneScript?

Whatever changes League of Legends faces, we finesse our script to ensure it's always up to date. In fact, we counteract Riot Games' releases before they hit all servers.


Why do we bother? It's all for you. By remaining one (or five) steps ahead of the rest, we guarantee you always have access to a seamlessly integrated, fully functional, optimized script. “Uninterrupted gameplay” might as well be our middle name.

Is There a Free Trial?

There was a time when we would've answered this question with a joyful, "of course!" However, that time has sadly passed us by. Why? Because some players don't know how to behave. As such, we discontinued our free trial option and incorporated a new approach to ensure fair use and a top-notch experience.


We offer a 30% discount on Crypto payments, giving you complete access to all features in our League of Legends script at a competitive price. 

Where do i get my License from?

As soon as you purchase, the license will hit your inbox. It's that easy!

Is Using a League of Legends Script Safe?

Riot Games' anti-cheat systems won't spot ArcaneScript; only other players can report you.