Best Websites to Buy LoL Accounts in 2024

What are the best websites to buy lol accounts is a popular question amongst players, if you want to buy a League of Legends account, you need to know where to look. This article will highlight the top websites to get your new account safely and easily, so let’s get started!

1. Turbosmurfs

Turbosmurfs is our #1. The platform sets the standard for account sales with several key advantages over other sellers:


  • A massive range of account types – everything from unranked botted accounts, hand-leveled accounts, and the highest tiers for League of Legends.
  • All hand-leveled accounts come with full recovery information, ensuring the account truly becomes yours, unlike any other platform for LoL Accounts.
  • Instant Delivery – Right after purchase, you get to play on the account.
  • Live chat support for instant resolutions to any questions or problems you might encounter.
  • Accounts are available for every region of League of Legends.
  • An outstanding and unique loot box system offering free accounts, coaching sessions, and huge discounts.
  • You can find unranked accounts pre-loaded with the skins of your liking.
  • Excellent Trustpilot reviews add confidence to your purchase.
  • An active community Discord with a lot more giveaways.


  • Prices can be higher, reflecting the premium quality of their accounts.
  • Live chat might have wait times during peak hours.
  • Popular accounts might sell out occasionally due to high demand.

2. G2G

G2G is a marketplace where individual sellers list their accounts, making it the go-to for anyone who wants to check out accounts of freelancer sellers with a variety of options.



  • You can also sell your own League of Legends accounts if you’d like.
  • It’s a huge marketplace with lots of seller and account options.
  • Competition between LoL sellers causes the prices to be less compared to their real value.
  • Lots of Trustpilot reviews.


  • Delivery can sometimes take several days for LoL Accounts, depending on the seller.
  • There’s always a risk of fraud with individual sellers.
  • G2G support can be slow (up to 3 business days), so you might need to wait if you have a problem, unlike the live chat that TurboSmurfs has.
  • Most purchases lack recovery information, leaving some uncertainty, even as it depends on the seller; finding someone to provide recovery information makes the process time-consuming.

3. IGVault

IGVault is another marketplace with a wide selection, IGVault offers an appealing alternative to other account-selling marketplaces.


  • Individual sellers, therefore lots of variety in LoL account types.
  • Prices are lower due to the amount of freelancers selling League of Legends accounts, creating a competitive marketplace.
  • Lots of Trustpilot reviews for buyer reassurance.
  • You can sell your own League of Legends accounts through their platform.
  • A good amount of sellers therefore accounts rarely go out of stock.


  • Smaller seller and LoL account amount compared to G2G.
  • Delivery times can be inconsistent – it often takes quite a while to get your account.
  • The risk of fraud still exists, as with any marketplace.
  • Support may take time to resolve any issues you have.

4. PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions offers a user-friendly experience for those seeking a LoL account. Its a marketplace with lots of good sellers and accounts.


  • Accepts many payment methods, unlike g2g and igvault.
  • Easy-to-understand website design makes the buying process simple and enjoyable.
  • Many Trustpilot reviews build trust in the platform.
  • Prices are around average for the market due to fewer sellers and accounts for LoL.


  • Doesn’t have as many accounts listed as larger marketplaces.
  • Risk of fraud exists, as with any seller-based platform.
  • Delivery can be slow, with the chance of longer wait times.

Why Buy a LoL Account?

  • A fresh start if your main LoL account is struggling with bad LP gains and stats.
  • To get a better win rate on a new League of Legends account.
  • To own those awesome skins without paying full price in the Riot store, as sold accounts are cheaper than buying all the wanted skins with RP.
  • To resell after ranking the LoL account up.

Is Buying a LoL Account Legal?

  • Riot Games doesn’t allow account trading, sharing, buying, and selling of any kind.

Is Buying a LoL Account Safe?

Ban reports from Riot due to account trading, sharing, buying, and selling are extremely rare, yet just  to be safe make sure to:

  • Choose a reputable platform with a strong track record.
  • Prioritize platforms that give you the recovery information of the LoL account that you purchase.
  • Buy from a site that helps resolve issues if they arise with efficiency.


Turbosmurfs and G2G are our top choices, depending on your needs. Turbosmurfs wins for speed, recovery info, and excellent support. G2G appeals to those seeking budget-friendly options with trusted individual sellers.