Best LoL Arena Synergies (2023)

LoL Arena is the new action-packed deathmatch game mode introduced in 2023. Four teams of two champions each battle it out on a small symmetric map using pre-made ability kits and items. Games are faster-paced, keeping the non-stop team fight action going. There is no farming, so it’s all about champion synergy and smart play.

Certain duo combinations really enable and empower each other’s strengths in this deathmatch format. One stellar pairing is the crowd-control mage Veigar with the sustaining pillar-wielding Trundle. Additionally, lockdown controller Morgana finds an excellent match with the disrupting power of Trundle

And finally, aggressive all-in diver Leona truly shines with healing enchanter Yuumi backing her up. Each of these duos covers the other’s weaknesses while enabling them to fully utilize and maximize their unique advantages. The synergy locks down enemies, sustains through the fray, and provides the focused power needed to excel in Arena skirmishes.

Veigar and Trundle Arena Combo

At the top of the best duo combinations in LoL Arena sits Veigar paired with Trundle, with an impressive 48.1% win rate. This mixture of burst damage mage and sustaining tank perfectly covers each other’s weaknesses while enabling deadly plays.

Veigar is all about the show-stopping area of effect crowd control that sets up massive damage from his kit. The Event Horizon cage provides crucial zoning, trapping enemies inside the ring so Veigar can unleash his full arsenal of spells. Primordial Burst delivers terrifying single-target burst potential, often one-shot deleting squishy champions. Dark Matter brings the pain down on multiple enemies at once. This AoE damage potential is further amplified by Veigar’s passive, which increases his AP whenever he scores takedowns.

However, Veigar’s weaknesses are susceptibility to being dove and taken out by melee enemies who can gap close onto him. This is where Trundle really enables Veigar to shine by covering those weaknesses. Trundle’s ice pillars from Pillar of Ice help lock down enemies and zone them so Veigar can blast them safely from a range outside his Event Horizon. The slows make it nearly impossible to dodge Veigar’s skillshots. Trundle also sustains himself incredibly well in skirmish battles thanks to King’s Tribute’s healing. This makes him very difficult to take down. He functions as the frontline tank that buys precious time for Veigar’s cooldowns while disrupting the entire enemy team.

With Trundle crippling and splitting up the enemies and zoning with ice pillars while self-healing and soaking up damage on the frontline, Veigar is free to cause complete mayhem from the backline with his AoE barrage of crowd control and burst damage from his kit. This mixture of lockdown, sustain, zone control, tankiness, and insane damage potential perfectly complement each other.

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Morgana and Trundle Arena Combo

With an impressive 41.5% win rate, Morgana joined up with Trundle demonstrating some of the best synergy seen so far in LoL Arena matches. Morgana is all about layered crowd control chaining to lock critical targets down with long durations so her team can collapse and explode them. Her Dark Binding launches a skillshot root that snares the first enemy struck, making it critical to land for initiating the chains. If it hits, she can follow up with a stun from her ultimate, Soul Shackles.

However, missing Dark Binding can mean missing her whole combo, so ensuring enemies are immobilized and grouped up first makes it significantly easier to start the CC layering process. This is where Trundle provides immense value with Pillar of Ice. Trundle slams down an ice pillar at the target location, splitting and trapping enemies on either side with a slowing field. Enemies caught inside have an incredibly difficult time dodging chains of crowd control.

On top of the excellent synergy with their abilities, Trundle also covers one of Morgana’s key weaknesses: her extreme squishiness. Morgana will easily get burst down and eliminated without frontline protection. Trundle’s self-sustain from King’s Tribute passive makes him very difficult to take out though. He excels at absorbing damage on the frontline while his ice pillars disable targets for Morgana to do her work safely from the back.

Together this mixture combines crowd control chaining power, excellent target lockdown setup, zone control via ice pillars, tankiness, and sustain. No wonder Morgana and Trundle manage an impressive 41.5% win rate. The synergy fully enables them to pop off with chained disables into explosive damage combos from the safety of Trundle’s protection. This potent blend of strengths vaults Morgana/Trundle into one of the strongest duos seen so far for dominating Arena matches.

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Leona and Yuumi Arena Combo

Yuumi and Leona duo synergy is proving lethal in Arena matches with a solid 40.8% win rate. This pairing blends aggressive hard crowd control lockdown potential from Leona with Yuumi’s ability to enable and keep her alive. Leona’s strength comes from diving straight into the enemy backline to disrupt and lock down prime targets. Her combo frequently starts by gap closing in with Zenith Blade to root an enemy in place. From there she can chain stun them with her Shield of Daybreak and stun them with Solar Flare to prime them for bursting.

This hard engaging style leaves Leona vulnerable though once her abilities are on cooldown. However, this is where attaching champion Yuumi truly makes Leona shine. With Yuumi linking onto Leona before she dives in, Yuumi can provide adaptive stats buffing Leona’s defenses with Zoomies. As Leona crowd controls enemies, Yuumi backs her up to shield off damage with her E ability.

No wonder Leona and Yuumi have surged in popularity as an Arena duo choice. Together they force enemy teams to blow crucial cooldowns while enabling Leona and their team to stay healthy to clean up kills. This is the textbook definition of synergy – compounding unique strengths to form a truly Potent pairing that has taken Arena by storm.

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In the chaotic deathmatch that is League of Legends Arena, champion synergy is paramount. Veigar combined with Trundle’s disruption and sustain, Morgana chained to Trundle’s lockdown potential, and Leona diving backed up by Yuumi’s healing and enabling power have proven to be some of the strongest duos. 

By compounding key strengths like crowd control chains, zone control, frontloaded damage soaking, healing, and empowering buffs, these pairs accentuate what makes each individual champion unique. At the same time, they cover inherent weaknesses that hold the champions back from reaching their full potential. This interplay enables the whole to become greater than the sum of its parts. For those looking to maximize their Arena domination, these synergistic power duos are top-tier.

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