Top 5 Most Expensive Skins in League of Legends

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, dedicated players have plenty of options when it comes to customizing their mains with skins. While most skins are relatively affordable, some incredibly rare ones that were only available for limited times or under special circumstances can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For collectors and hardcore League fans, these rare and exclusive skins are highly coveted prizes that represent achievements and special statuses within the League community.

This article will count down the top 5 most expensive League of Legends skins based on average resale value. From skins like Pax Twisted Fate that were only available to event attendees to prestigious skins like Championship Riven that honor League’s pro scene, these are the rarest of the rare skins in League of Legends that every League collector dreams of owning. We’ll also deep dive into some rare old skins in this article, explaining their origins and what makes them so valuable.

Owning any of these 5 skins indicates a dedicated League player who either attended special events, played during exclusive time periods, or achieved victory in competitive play. The sky-high prices of these skins are a testament to the prestige and history they carry from League’s past. For both veteran players who were there when they were first released and new collectors willing to pay top dollar, this list represents the pinnacle of exclusivity in League of Legends.

Pax Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate is one of the rarest and most coveted skins in League of Legends. It was only given to the first 20,000 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) event attendees in 2009. This exclusive distribution at a one-time event is what makes the skin so rare. Additionally, the PAX Twisted Fate skin codes were disabled by Riot in 2014, meaning the skin can no longer be redeemed. With only approximately 20,000 codes ever distributed and redeemed during its availability, PAX Twisted Fate is by far one of the rarest skins in League of Legends.

The intricate textures and effects of Pax Twisted Fate set it far apart from Twisted Fate’s other skins, making it highly coveted among collectors a decade later. Its prestige, extreme rarity, and event exclusivity are what give Pax Twisted Fate such a high resale value, regularly going for $300 to $500.

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Black Alistar

In the League of Legends community, few skins are as coveted and exclusive as Black Alistar. This prestigious variant of the minotaur champion is something many players have heard about but few can claim to own. So what’s the story behind this incredibly rare skin?

Black Alistar dates back to 2009 when League of Legends was still in beta. It was one of four exclusive skins offered to players who pre-ordered the digital Collector’s Edition of the game prior to launch. This edition came with skin codes that could be redeemed for Black Alistar, Silver Kayle, Young Ryze, and Goth Annie.

Of course, far fewer people knew about League of Legends back then compared to now. Estimates suggest only around 65,000 players pre-ordered and received Black Alistar. For comparison, League now boasts over 60 million monthly players. So it’s safe to say less than 0.1% of the current playerbase owns this skin.

Over the years, Riot Games has discontinued certain legacy skin codes, including Black Alistar. So it’s no longer possible to redeem this skin. The only way to acquire it now is by purchasing an account that already has it unlocked. For collectors and dedicated League fans, owning Black Alistar represents being there in the early days of League. It shows dedication from the start. The sinister black armor and gold accents give Alistar a mighty, gladiator-like appearance fitting his character.

So in summary, Black Alistar is an ultra-rare status symbol commemorating League of Legends in its infancy. For those few players who have it, it’s one of the most prized skins out there. And for others, it remains an elusive Holy Grail item after all these years.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Behold the Rusted Relic: Rusty Blitzcrank. Like finding a vintage comic book, spotting Rusty Blitzcrank is a rare treat for League fans. This weathered hunk of metal is the holy grail for skin collectors. What’s the story behind this coveted antique that turns the steam golem into a steampunk legend?

Rusty Blitzcrank first arrived in 2009, during League of Legends’ beta season. It was one of the first skins ever released, available for a limited time directly from the Riot store. Once the game officially launched later that year, this skin was retired and never sold again. Today, it’s estimated that only around 50,000 players snapped up Rusty Blitzcrank before it vanished from the store. Less than 0.1% of the playerbase own this skin. It’s in the same ultra-rare echelon as Black Alistar and Silver Kayle.

The gritty, corroded metal look of Rusty Blitzcrank matches his backstory as an automaton who escaped captivity. This skin represents the early days of League and the creativity of Riot’s artists in diversifying champion themes. For those few collectors fortunate enough to have unlocked Rusty Blitzcrank during its short availability, it’s one of their most prized possessions. And for most players, this skin remains an exclusive holy grail item, a rare peek into League’s beginnings. So if you ever see a Rusty Blitzcrank in your game, know you’re witnessing a truly special sight.

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Championship Riven

The Exalted Championship Riven Skin. Imagine wielding the power of an angelic warrior – that’s the glory of Championship Riven. With its heavenly blue and silver armor, runic blade, and radiant glow, this skin transforms Riven into a goddess on the battlefield. For dedicated Riven mains, the Championship variant is the most exalted and coveted skin imaginable. It’s a mark of mastery and an icon amongst the most devoted players. When equipped, it commands respect and awe.

So how did this magnificent cosmetic become one of the most revered skins amongst League fans? Let’s explore the origins of the legendary Championship Riven.

Championship Riven made its debut in 2012, released to commemorate that year’s League of Legends World Championship. For a limited time, players could unlock it by purchasing it directly during the event.

Riot Games estimates around 100,000 players acquired Championship Riven during its initial run – a tiny fraction of League’s current millions of monthly players. Like other limited-edition skins, Riot retired Championship Riven in 2014. The only way to get it now is by buying an account that already has it unlocked.

King Rammus

In the world of League of Legends skins, few carry more prestige than the regal King Rammus. With its emerald armored shell and imposing spiked collar, this variant of the Armordillo champion is a true collector’s prize. For longtime League fans, owning King Rammus represents an impressive badge of honor and loyalty.

As one of Rammus’ original skin releases dating back to 2009, King Rammus possesses an air of royalty befitting its name. Among dedicated players, the story behind acquiring this skin is a mark of distinction. So what is the history behind this coveted kingly skin that so few players can claim to own?

King Rammus dates back to 2009 and League of Legends’ closed beta. It was granted to all players who participated in testing the game during its pre-launch phase. As for the estimated number of players that have this skin, it’s hard to say for certain the percentage of players owning this skin is likely very small. There isn’t even a specific number available for players who received King Rammus for being beta testers. The skin’s name and appearance pay homage to the iconic Bowser from Super Mario. The dark green shell and spiked collar give Rammus a fitting royal look.

These days, the only way to acquire King Rammus is by purchasing an account that already has it unlocked. But it remains an incredibly rare sight. Out of League’s millions of players today, less than 0.5% own this badge of honor. So for those select few who have King Rammus, it symbolizes their dedication and support for League of Legends from the very beginning. This royal skin is a true collectors’ item representing League’s early history. For others, catching a glimpse of this rare King is an impressive moment.

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Owning any of these incredibly rare League skins indicates dedication, longevity and in some cases remarkable luck. For the tiny fraction of the League community fortunate enough to possess them, they’re badges of honor and precious collectibles. These skins represent special moments in League history, from major events to the game’s earliest days. Their staggering resale values are a testament to the prestige and exclusivity they carry. 

For the vast majority of players who can only dream of adding them to their collections, they remain impressive symbols of League’s past, Holy Grail items to admire from afar. While plenty of amazing skins are still attainable, these rarest of the rare stand in a league of their own as the most coveted status symbols in League of Legends.
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