League of Legends Patch 13.18: Everything to Know

Riot Games has released patch 13.18 for League of Legends, bringing impactful changes to the Summoner’s Rift. This patch focuses on tuning champions that have been dominating the meta recently. The biggest beneficiaries of this patch are solo lane carries like Gwen and Kennen. They are receiving buffs to help them compete in the meta

On the flip side, champions that have been crowding out others are being brought down. Jarvan IV is receiving substantial nerfs to passive, reducing his priority in pro play. Similarly, dominant champions like Kayn and Rell are being toned down as well. There are also systemic changes coming in 13.18.

Overall patch 13.18 aims to stir up the meta in competitive play and solo queue. There will likely be shifts in optimal team compositions, power picks, and ban priorities. Players will need to adapt to these changes to climb the ranks as the season draws to a close.

Champion buffs

To empower underperforming but fan-favorite champions, Riot targeted several key buffs in patch 13.18. Irelia, Gwen, Kennen, Senna, and Thresh are all receiving boosts to help them compete in the current meta. Irelia in particular should become more viable in top lane after changes to increase her dueling power. For Gwen, improved jungle clear and teamfighting respectively aim to lift their priority in pro play. Overall, players of these champions have lots to look forward to in this patch.


RVangaurd’s Edge: Cooldown reduced 140-100s >>> 125-85s

Gwen (Jungle)

Base stats:

  • Health Growth: 109 >>> 115
  • Monster Cap: 6 + 10% AP >>> 10 + 15% AP


E – Lightning Rush: Energy cost 100-80 >>> 80

R Slicing Maelstrom: Cooldown reduced 120 >>> 120-80


Base stats:

  • Critical strike damage: 91.5% >>> 100%

W – Last Embrace: AoE hits now count towards Passive Absolution proc


W – Dark Passage: Shield 50-130 + 1.5 per Soul >>> 50-130 + 2.0 per Soul

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Champion nerfs

On the other side of the spectrum, Riot targeted nerfs at champions crowding out others in the meta. Jarvan IV, Kayn, Rell, Tryndamere, and Xayah are all being toned down in power and viability. Jarvan IV‘s early game in particular takes a hit to reduce his priority in pro play. Kayn and Rell also lose sustain and mobility to bring them more in line. For players who are tired of facing these dominant picks, patch 13.18 brings some welcome relief through targeted nerfs.

Jarvan IV

Passive – Martial Cadence: Percentage Health Damage 8% >>> 6%

Kayn (Red/Darkin)

Passive – The Darkin Scythe: Healing 20-30% >>> 25% 

R – Umbral Trespass: AD Ratio 13% per 100 AD >>> 10% per 100 AD


E – Full Tilt: Movement Speed 15-25% >>> 12-20% (Doubled when running toward an enemy or your target)


Base stats: 

  • Attack damage 68 >>> 66
  • Health per level: 115 >>> 108


Base stats:

  • Health: 660 >>> 630
  • Health growth: 102 >>> 107

E – Bladecaller: Cooldown increased 11-9s >>> 13-9s

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Champion adjustments


While not receiving direct buffs or nerfs, Bard is being significantly adjusted in patch 13.18. His core identity and gameplay remain intact, but several abilities are being changed. Bard’s passive now grants more out-of-combat movement speed, while his heal shrines have been modified to use ammo. Additionally, his empowered auto attack damage has been shifted between early and late game. These changes aim to balance out Bard’s power curve and address some of his long-standing issues. Bard mains will need to adapt to the new play patterns, but he should still feel familiar.

Passive – Travel’s Call 

  • Out-of-combat movement speed max stacks: 5 >>> 10
  • Stack Duration: 7 >>> 20

W – Caretaker’s Shrine

  • Now uses ammo (Max: 2)
  • Cooldown/Ammo charge time: 14 >>> 18
  • Shrine charge time: 10 >>> 5
  • Movement speed: 30% decaying over 1.5s >>> 20%-30% + 0.05% AP decaying over 1.5s

System buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

Beyond champions, some impactful changes are coming to items and systems in patch 13.18. Stormrazor is being buffed with extra attack damage to boost its viability on marksmen. Spear of Shojin, on the other hand, is being toned down through an attack damage nerf. Finally, Crown of the Shattered Queen and Statikk Shiv are receiving adjustments to shift their stat lines and effects. These systemic changes will influence build paths and gameplay, especially for marksmen and mages. Players will need to adapt their itemization accordingly and re-evaluate old staples that are being modified.


Stormrazor: Attack damage 50 >>> 55


Spear of Shojin: Attack damage 60 >>> 55


Crown of the Shattered Queen: 

  • Ability Power: 70 >>> 85
  • Removed: Poise (10-40 AP during Safeguard)
  • Safeguard: 75% for 1.5 seconds >>> 40% for 2.5 seconds

Statikk Shiv: 

  • Attack Damage: 45 >>> 50
  • Minion Energize: 250-350 >>> 200

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New Street Demon Skins

To kick off the spooky season, Riot is releasing a set of devilish Street Demon skins in patch 13.18. Brand, Briar, Dr. Mundo, Neeko, Rengar, and Zyra are all receiving diabolical new looks perfect for Halloween. With creepy vocals, sound effects, and spell VFX, the Street Demons are sure to haunt Summoner’s Rift. Players who want to show their dark side will love the sinister personality in this skin line. Expect to face some terrifying new foes this October.


Embrace fiery torment with the 1350 RP Epic Street Demon Brand. This twisted skin features great spell VFX effects to ignite your wicked side.


Draw blood with the 1350 RP Epic Street Demon Briar. With fangs and a dark rose bloom, she’s ready to spread dread this Halloween season as a devious vampire.

Dr. Mundo

Smash and cleave with the 1350 RP Epic Street Demon Dr. Mundo. This monstrous skin gives Dr. Mundo demonic size and strength to go berserk this October.


Trick and morph into terror with the 1350 RP Epic Street Demon Neeko. Her deceiving disguises take on a sinister personality.


Stalk and slash your prey with the 1350 RP Epic Street Demon Rengar. Demon effects to enhance Rengar’s lethal hunting instincts.


Ensnare victims with the 1350 RP Epic Street Demon Zyra. Her twisted vines and thorns capture souls for her demonic bidding.


Overall, the numerous champion changes mean that optimal team comps and power picks could look very different after this patch. Players will need to carefully analyze the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to find what works best. Keep an eye out for emerging compositions and strategies.

As always with major patches, adaptability is key. The players who can quickly adjust to the new meta will have an edge in climbing the ranks. Expect to see pro players experiment heavily in the coming weeks to solve the new patch. It should be a fun ride for League fans.

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