The Newest League of Legends Champion, Briar!

Riot Games has introduced a new champion to shake up the Rift – the thorny Fae known as Briar. Briar brings her thorny vines and natural magic to the League, seeking to spread the beauty and wrath of nature. 

With the ability to damage and snare opponents, Briar promises to be a formidable new addition to the Roster. Though seemingly delicate, this Champion packs a prickly punch that will force enemies to tread carefully. Briar’s arrival marks an exciting new chapter for League players as they master her unique playstyle. Her cunning yet elegant blend of utility and damage will soon entangle the unwary on the Fields of Justice.

Briar’s Abilities


Briar’s passive, Crimson Curse, causes her attacks and abilities to make enemies bleed profusely. This wicked bleed effect deals escalating damage over time, refreshing on subsequent hits and stacking up to 9 times on a single target. Though the damage is reduced for each additional stack, it allows Briar to shred key targets from a distance. Additionally, Briar heals herself for a portion of the bleed damage dealt, with a massively increased heal if her victim dies while under the effect.

To further augment her drain-tank playstyle, Briar gains increased healing from all sources based on her missing health. With no natural health regen of her own, she must continually siphon life from her foes. This bloodthirsty passive encourages Briar to aggressively apply bleed stacks while using her abilities to avoid damage. Those hoping to stop her reign of terror will need to deny her the opportunity to heal, lest they find themselves fatally embraced by her thorned curse. Briar promises to be a uniquely sanguine addition to the champion roster, rewarding cruel attrition play, and cunning survival tactics.

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Q – Head Rush

Her Q ability Head Rush. At the cost of her own health, Briar dashes to and mauls an enemy champion, dealing physical damage while stunning and crippling them. This allows her to temporarily remove a high-priority target from the fight, setting up her team to press the advantage. Those struck by Head Rush are left dazed for 0.85 seconds as Briar’s vicious thorns shred their armor for 5 seconds afterward.

This gives the devious Fae an opening to stack her innate bleed passive and drain her victim’s life force. Head Rush encourages aggressive skirmishing, as Briar sacrifices her health to surgically eliminate key threats. The cooldown refund on kills rewards clever sequencing and calculated risks from Briar players. With this brutal ability, Briar can prune dangerous enemies in the early laning phase and punish squishy backline targets in later team fights. For the cost of some life essence, Head Rush allows Briar to rapidly neutralize opponents and control the flow of battle with her sadistic CC. This twisted kit promises to bring a ruthlessly elegant playstyle, unlike any champion before her.

W – Blood Frenzy / Snack Attack

Her W ability Blood Frenzy. By dashing into the fray, Briar can trigger a berserk state upon enemy contact, gaining massive attack speed, movement speed, and bonus damage against nearby opponents. This empowers the normally composed Fae to shred multiple close-range targets, allowing her to thrive in chaotic team fights.

Additionally, Blood Frenzy unlocks Briar’s unique Snack Attack, enabling a devastating health-scaling bite against her main target. This provides sustain while also giving her the means to chomp down tankier enemies. With clever use of Blood Frenzy, Briar can wreak floral havoc on grouped-up enemies through thorny basic attacks and her signature bite. This ability represents the dual nature of the Fae – though elegant, Briar also embodies nature’s savage brutality when provoked. Those who underestimate this champion’s hidden fierceness soon find themselves fatally caught in a thorny frenzy, pruned away by her wild empowered attacks.

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E – Chilling Scream

Briar charges her E ability Chilling Scream up by screaming for up to 1 second, increasing the range and damage while gaining damage reduction and health regeneration. She can then reactivate to unleash her deafening wail in a line, damaging and heavily slowing enemies caught in the area.

When fully charged, Chilling Scream gains bonus knockback force, slamming opponents back. Enemies knocked into terrain take massive additional damage and are left stunned, allowing Briar’s team to collapse. This gives her powerful zone control and picks potential, as clever screams can single out targets.

Chilling Scream encourages Briar to charge up safely behind her allies before repositioning to obliterate multiple opponents. The ability synergizes with her kit, grouping foes to shred with her area of effect Passive and W – Blood Frenzy. With smart use of her scream, Briar can redefine team fights, scattering helpless enemies for her team to clean up. Those caught in her thorny voice soon find themselves pruned and set up for defeat.

R – Certain Death

Briar hunts lone prey with her sadistic R ability Certain Death. After a delay, Briar kicks a projectile that travels globally, marking the first enemy champion struck. She then blinks at the marked target no matter their location, gaining displacement immunity to appear right on top of them.

Upon arrival, Briar explodes, damaging the marked target and nearby enemies while fearing others. This allows her to isolate her prey while sowing chaos. She then gains empowered attacks against only the marked champion, sticking to them with bonus speed and shred their defenses. This vicious 1v1 power forces the target to deal with an unshakable Briar draining their life force.

Certain Death encourages Briar to track vulnerable targets across the map before separating them from their team. The massive mobility allows her to rapidly remove lone carries and juggernauts from a fight. With clever use, Briar can brutally pruned isolated threats no matter their position. Those marked for death soon find themselves unable to escape the Fae’s unflinching bloodlust.

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Briar’s arrival brings new possibilities to the Rift. Her versatile kit encourages aggressive play and clever sequencing to eliminate key targets. Skilled Briar players can control the tempo of battle and enable their team to thrive. Briar’s abilities reveal her ruthless nature when provoked. Players who master her playstyle will find her one of the deadliest predators. With Briar on the Rift, new strategic dimensions emerge.

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