League of Legends: Mythic Essence Explained

Mythic essence is a rare in-game currency that was introduced to League of Legends in early 2022. It allows players to unlock exclusive mythic content such as skins, chromas, and ward skins.

Mythic Essence was first released in Patch 12.2 in February 2022, as part of the Lunar Revel event. The main purpose of mythic essence is to provide an exclusive currency that can be used to unlock prestige skins and other premium cosmetic content. Mythic skins are designed to be rare and signify mastery or dedication to a particular champion.

In each patch, there is a rotating shop that allows players to spend their accrued mythic essence on certain skins and chromas. The mythic shop offerings change every two patches, so the available skins and chromas regularly update.

How to Earn League of Legends Mythic Essence?

Mythic essence provides loyal League of Legends players opportunities to gain access to prestigious cosmetic items in the game. The rarity of mythic essence and rotating shop encourage engagement with events and continued gameplay.

The primary method of obtaining mythic essence is through event passes. Typically, major in-game events like Lunar Revel or Sentinels of Light will have purchasable passes that give players missions and rewards. By completing event milestones and missions, pass holders can earn small amounts of mythic essence alongside other loot. The amount varies per event but is usually around 10-25 mythic essences in total.

Another way is through loot drops. Mythic essence has a very small chance to randomly drop as loot after matches, similar to champion shards or blue essence. However, the drop rates are extremely low, making this an unreliable way to collect mythic essence.

Players can also receive mythic essence directly as rewards for certain lifetime achievements in League. The amounts are generally small (5 or 10), but provide some passive income for longtime players.

The most direct way to gain mythic essence is by purchasing it with real money. In the store, Riot sells orb bundles that contain mythic essence for RP. These bundle amounts can range from about 10 essences for a small amount of RP, to over 100 essences for a large RP purchase. This allows players to shortcut the grind by paying.

Lastly, on rare occasions, Riot may gift small amounts of mythic essence to all players as part of special promotions or to celebrate game milestones. But these windfalls are infrequent and the amounts are modest.

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Prestige Skins

Prestige skins are special cosmetic versions of champions that are meant to demonstrate dedication and mastery. They have distinctive and unique particle effects in-game. Prestige skins are purposefully designed to be rare and exclusive rewards.

Obtaining prestige skins requires a combination of significant effort, luck, and money. There are a few different ways to unlock them:

The primary method is to purchase event passes and complete missions. During special events like MSI Inkshadow or Project, Riot releases new prestige skins themed around the event. By buying the event pass and earning enough tokens through missions and rewards, players can redeem those tokens for the prestige skin. This requires grinding missions over the course of the event.

Another option is to buy prestige point bundles during events for real money. Prestige points can also be used to claim prestige skins directly. This allows players to skip some of the pass grinding by paying instead. The amount of money required varies based on the bundle.

Once a prestige skin leaves the event it was introduced in, the only way to obtain it becomes League of Legends mythic essence. Prestige skins get added to the mythic shop on a rotating basis after their event ends. Players can then purchase previously released prestige skins directly with mythic essence. The essence costs are quite high, typically between 125-200 essence per skin.

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League of Legends Mythic Shop

The mythic shop is a special in-game store that is the only way to obtain certain rare cosmetic items, all of which cost mythic essence. The mythic shop offerings rotate every two patches, so the available items change frequently.

In addition to full prestige skins, the mythic shop also offers unique chroma variants for some skins. These exclusive chromas provide alternate colors for popular skin lines. Players can purchase the mythic chromas for 40 essences.

There are also select ward skins, emotes, and icons that can only be unlocked with mythic essence. These collectibles are quite rare and can cost up to 100 essences.

Beyond cosmetics, the mythic shop sometimes offers deals on other currencies. Players can use essence to buy bundles of blue essence and orange essence. The conversion rates are better than normal essence prices in the regular store.

Current Mythic Shop Rotation

Prestige Battle Queen Diana is an exclusive variant of the Battle Queen Diana skin that was available during the 2022 Lunar Revel event. 

  • Cost: 150 Mythic Essence

Pulsefire Lucian is a futuristic, cyberpunk-styled skin for the champion Lucian. It was originally released as a prestige edition variant during the 2020 Pulsefire event.

  • Cost: 150 Mythic Essence

Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo was initially only attainable during the 2020 Spirit Blossom event pass. Players had to earn tokens through missions and rewards in order to earn it.

  • Cost: 150 Mythic Essence

La Ilusión Renata Glasc is only obtainable for a limited period in League of Legends Mythic Shop.

  • Cost: 125 Mythic Essence

For players who main Ekko or want to complete their Starguardian collections. Prestige Starguardian Ekko Is back!

  • Cost: 125 Mythic Essence

Another champion joins the new Mythic skinline, Taliyah. Crystalis Motus Taliyah is now available in the Mythic Shop

  • Cost: 100 Mythic Essence

Hextec Kog’maw, The Mouth of The Abyss. This Mythic Skin is now available!

  • Cost: 100 Mythic Essence

The Noxian Grand General, Swain. For Swain lovers, Hextec Swain is now available in League of Legends Mythic shop for a limited time only!

  • Cost: 100 Mythic Essence

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In summary, mythic essence provides dedicated League of Legends players a way to unlock prestigious and rare cosmetic rewards. Through consistent engagement with in-game events, missions, and achievements, small amounts of mythic essence can be accumulated over time. Making the most of rotation periods in the mythic shop then allows turning that hard-earned essence into exclusive skins, chromas, and other content.

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