League of Legends: Ranked in Season 14

The competitive landscape of League of Legends is undergoing a major overhaul ahead of the 2024 season. Riot Games has revealed sweeping changes coming to the ranked system, items, and Summoner’s Rift itself. The upcoming season aims to provide a fresh competitive experience for veteran players while attracting new participants to ranked play.

Season 14 will contain three ranked splits, up from two, with soft resets and rewards each time. This gives players more milestones to achieve over the course of the season. Most importantly, the Mythic item system will be removed, dramatically altering item builds that have defined the meta for years. We will go over all the information we have so far.


League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced major changes coming to the structure of ranked competitive play starting in 2024. The seasonal timeline and split format will see dramatic shifts aimed at providing a fresh ranked experience for veterans and attracting new players.

The most significant change is the introduction of Three ranked splits per season rather than Two. Each split will last approximately four months, with a soft rank reset between splits. This means players will have to recalibrate and re-climb the ladder three times a year instead of twice. While some may find the reduced split duration stressful, it provides more milestones and incentives to grind rank throughout the year.

The 2024 League season will commence on January 9th with the first split. The second split will then run from May to August, with the third split spanning September to December. With three distinct ranked phases, players will need to adapt their mentality and playtime to make the most of each shortened climb.

Another major change is the removal of the Pre-season period in November and December. Previously, Riot would roll out sweeping changes during these months before resetting for the new season in January. Now, any preseason updates will be implemented at the launch of each split.

To satisfy skin collectors, Riot also confirmed that three different Victorious skins will be awarded per split, which means players will receive Three Victorious skins in the season.

While the details of gameplay changes are still unclear, players can expect new champions, items, objectives, and maps to shake up the meta for each split. By removing the pre-season and shifting to three splits, Riot aims to keep ranked League fresh all year long. However, the decreased split duration will require more focus from players to hit desired ranks before each reset.

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League of Legends Season 14 in 2024 will see a dramatic shift in itemization with the removal of the Mythic item system entirely. Introduced in Season 11, Mythic items currently provide powerful bonuses and define build paths for each champion.

As part of a major ranked revamp, Mythic items will be converted to Legendary items in 2024. This change aims to open up diverse new build paths that are not dictated by a single Mythic choice in each game. Riot asserts that the limitations around Mythic items ultimately reduce strategic options compared to the old Legendary-only model.

However, to maintain balance, the 2024 item overhaul will likely involve sweeping adjustments to champion kits and stats. For example, excess ability haste or mobility granted from current Mythics may need to be pulled back to compensate for the additional flexibility of Legendary combinations.

While longtime League fans may appreciate the return to Legendary-focused builds, shaking up established itemization metas can be risky. Players have invested years into optimizing Mythic-centric builds, so this shift could completely change how veterans think about items. Riot will need to strike the right balance between adding diversity versus undermining established knowledge.

Regardless, removing rigid Mythic bonuses will empower players to counter enemies with more reactive, dynamic builds. With this massive itemization shakeup, Season 14 gameplay will undoubtedly feel distinct compared to the Mythic-focused seasons before it. Riot is taking a bold risk by scrapping such a core system, but potentially freeing item creativity for the long-term health of League.

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Arena and Nexus Blitz

Alongside major changes coming to Summoner’s Rift, Riot Games has announced the return of two popular alternative game modes – Nexus Blitz and Arena. These fast-paced and experimental modes will provide a fresh break from standard ranked play when they make their limited-time comebacks.

First up is Nexus Blitz, arriving in October for a five-week run. This chaotic battle arena condenses League into close-quarters brawls with randomized events spicing up each match. Riot has teased updates and improvements to modernize Nexus Blitz based on years of player feedback. Fans of quick, wacky LoL action will find plenty to enjoy in this reimagined limited-time mode.

December brings back Arena, the round-based survival format that pits three players against each other. Arena emphasizes close-range skirmishing and adaptive tactics. The mode now features expanded augmentation options, allowing for deeper builds and strategy. 

Both Nexus Blitz and Arena provide welcome breaks from the intense competition of Summoner’s Rift. These side attractions offer more casual havens for trying unconventional champs and builds in a lower-stress environment. Riot continues to experiment with temporary game modes, but Nexus Blitz and Arena have clearly built loyal fanbases over the years that will be excited to try out the updated versions.

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Riot Games is taking bold steps with season 14 in 2024 to shake up the player experience. From three ranked splits to the removal of Mythic items to the revival of fan-favorite game modes, almost no aspect of competitive League will be left unchanged. These revamps demonstrate Riot’s commitment to keeping League engaging for veterans while opening the door for new players. 

The shortened ranked splits and itemization overhaul will clearly take adjustment, but sometimes sweeping change is necessary to prevent stagnation. Season 14 represents one of the most impactful League updates in recent memory, promising to usher in a bold new era for League of Legends.

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