League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule is back!

Prime Gaming members can look forward to some exciting new League of Legends loot this month. The October 2023 League of Legends Prime Gaming capsule is now available, offering Prime members the chance to unlock new skins, ward skins, orange Essence, and more for their favorite League champions.

With an exciting new batch of skins, League of Legends fans with a Prime membership have plenty to look forward to this month. Be sure to grab the Prime Gaming October 2023 capsule soon, as the offer is only available for a limited time.

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What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a service included with an Amazon Prime membership that grants access to free games, in-game content, and a Twitch channel subscription every month. For League of Legends fans, Prime Gaming has become a great way to get free skins, champions, emotes, and other cosmetic goodies for their favorite champions.

Each month, Prime Gaming partners with Riot Games to offer a special League of Legends capsule for Prime members. By linking your Riot account with Twitch and Amazon Prime, you can claim this monthly Prime Gaming loot which typically contains skin shards, icons, emotes, and blue essence. These regular drops have allowed Prime subscribers to unlock awesome skins over time without having to spend RP.

On top of the regular League capsules, Prime Gaming also provides access to full PC games that Prime members can download and keep. There are also additional benefits like exclusive discounts on certain digital games. So for hardcore LOL fans who want to score some free skins as well as access free games and savings, Prime Gaming is an excellent addition to complement an Amazon Prime membership.

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LoL Prime Gaming Capsule

This month’s Prime Gaming League of Legends capsule is packed with plenty of loot to expand your collection. Some of the highlights include:

  1. 350 RP that can be used to purchase skins, champions, and more in the store
  2. 200 Orange Essence to unlock skin shards you may have in your inventory
  3. A random permanent epic skin and a mystery ward skin shard
  4. A champion permanent shard that can unlock a new champion permanently
  5. 2 random Eternals shards that can unlock champion-specific stat trackers
  6. A 30-day XP boost to help level up faster
  7. 4 champion shards that can help acquire new champions

In total, this capsule delivers a nice mix of currency, skin shards, champion shards, boosts, and Eternals – all useful for both new players looking to build their roster and veterans wanting to expand their cosmetics. With so many ways to personalize your mains and unlock new champions, this month’s haul has high value for League fans claiming it through Prime Gaming.

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The October 2023 League of Legends Prime Gaming capsule is a great opportunity for Prime members to expand their collection. With skin shards, orange essence, boosts, champions, and more up for grabs this month, there’s plenty of value whether you’re a new or veteran player. Prime Gaming continues to be an excellent service for hardcore League fans who want to regularly unlock new cosmetics and content without spending RP. Be sure to link your Riot and Prime accounts if you haven’t already to claim this capsule and stay tuned for next month’s offering. Taking advantage of these regular Prime drops is the perfect way for LOL enthusiasts to get the most out of their Prime membership.

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