Top 5 League of Legends Aram Picks

ARAM (All Random All Mid) is a popular game mode in League of Legends where players are assigned a random champion and battle in one lane. Many players love ARAM because the chaotic team fights and quicker pace make for exciting matches. We’ll go through the best champions in ARAM.

Senna is a strong pick due to her ability to heal teammates and deal damage from range. Jhin thrives with his long-range and high-burst damage. Brand excels at whittling down groups of enemies clumped together. Lux shines by catching enemies in her snares and nuking them with her full combo. Veigar overwhelms foes with his stacking AP and zone control. These five champions are fan favorites and top-tier picks in ARAM right now. Keep reading to learn more about what makes them so effective in this fun, action-packed mode.

Senna, The Redeemer

Boasting an impressive 53.17% win rate, Senna stands far above every other champion as the current undisputed #1 pick in ARAM. Her versatile and well-rounded kit provides everything an ARAM team needs to find success in the chaotic team fight-focused mode.

Senna’s Q, Piercing Darkness, gives her powerful long-range poke damage that outranges almost any other champion. She can continuously chip away at enemies and heal allies from complete safety. Her passive, Absolution, allows Senna to increase her attack range infinitely by collecting Mist Wraiths from minions or basic attacks on the enemy team. This lets her scale into a hyper-carry with unrivaled reach to damage opponents before they can even get in range to fight back.

For crowd control, Senna’s W, Last Embrace, fires a skill shot root to lock down enemies and set up kills for her team. Landing a root on a priority target can completely swing a team fight in Senna’s favor. Her E, Curse of the Black Mist, grants camouflage to herself or an ally, allowing for sneaky repositioning to surprise unwary enemies.

Senna’s global ultimate, Dawning Shadow, damages enemies across the entire map. This gives her a powerful presence in any fight and the ability to quickly turn a numbers disadvantage. With her relentless scaling from Mist Wraiths, Senna eventually ascends to nearly unlimited range and damage to annihilate teams.

The healing, damage, crowd control, utility, and infinite scaling in Senna’s kit make her an absolute nightmare to deal with in ARAM. She dictates the pace of fights, provides sustain, enables allies, and takes over late-game. With strengths across the board, it’s easy to see why Senna has claimed the #1 spot as the best and most dominant ARAM champion.

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Jhin, The Virtuoso

With an impressive 53.02% win rate, Jhin stands tall as the second-best ARAM champion, bringing a lethal blend of pokes, traps, snares, and executions to the nonstop team fighting. His unique kit enables him to excel in ARAM’s frantic skirmishing and frequent 5v5 brawls.

Jhin’s Q, Dancing Grenade, rapidly bounces between enemies, damaging multiple champions with each cast. This allows him to consistently harass and chip away at clumped-up opponent teams from long range. His W, Deadly Flourish, fires a skill shot that snares enemies at huge range, enabling Jhin to lock down priority targets for his team to collapse on and secure kills.

Jhin’s E, Captive Audience, lays deadly traps that control space and heavily punish enemies who wander into their radius. By trapping up objectives and chokepoints, Jhin zones enemies and forces them into unfavorable positions. When ARAM inevitably devolves into a full 5v5 team fight, Jhin truly shines. His ultimate, Curtain Call, globally executes low-health targets, allowing Jhin to snipe weakened enemies no matter where they try to hide. 

With his combination of long-range harass, area control, utility, and global execution power, Jhin consistently dictates the tempo of ARAM matches. His versatility allows him to poke, catch, trap, and snipe enemies, excelling in any situation ARAM throws his way. It’s easy to see why Jhin has claimed the #2 spot – his lethality truly shines on the murderous bridge. 

Brand, The Burning Vengeance

Boasting a formidable 52% win rate, Brand ignites his way to being one of the best champions in ARAM. His full arsenal of fiery abilities decimates clumped-up enemies, enabling him to consistently top damage charts. Brand’s core harass tool is his Pillar of Flame (W) – this ability creates an explosion that damages multiple champions at once. Pillar of Flame allows Brand to endlessly chunk down groups of foes sieging in ARAM’s confined lane.

His Conflagration (E) spreads flames to nearby enemies, multiplying his damage across entire teams packed together. But Brand’s true destructive power lies in his ultimate – Pyroclasm. This bouncing inferno shreds ARAM’s narrow bridge, bouncing between all 5 enemy champions to melt multiple foes at once. Combined with the burn damage from Brand’s spells whittle down even the most resilient tanks.

With his unmatched area damage and high AP ratios, Brand scales tremendously into the late game, vaporizing squishies with his full rotation. His passive, Blaze, also ignites enemies, causing additional percent health burn damage over time and applying Grevious Wounds to cut healing. Between his AOE, DoT, scaling, and crowd control, Brand constantly pressures enemies and dominates ARAM team fights from start to finish. He truly epitomizes the Burning Vengeance with his fiery area damage and scaling, cementing himself as a top ARAM mage.

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Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Lux illuminates even the most chaotic ARAM matches with a 51.98% win rate,  by outranging, out-damaging, and outplaying enemies. Her versatile kit provides sustained damage, crowd control, shielding, and one-shot bursting potential – everything an ARAM mage needs to dictate the pace of fights. Lux’s core poke ability is her low cooldown E, Lucent Singularity. By constantly tossing this AOE slow damage spell, Lux whittles down grouped-up enemies from complete safety.

Her Q, Light Binding, snares two targets in a line, allowing Lux to lock down even mobile threats. Securing multi-man Qs enables her team to easily collapse and obliterate the immobilized enemies. When ARAM inevitably becomes a 5v5 brawl, Lux unleashes her full burst combo, deleting squishies from 100-0 before they can even get in range to retaliate. Her deadly laser (R) outranges turrets, allowing Lux to snipe weakened foes from across the map. With her W shield and Zhonya’s Hourglass, Lux remains deceptively tanky herself.

As fights drag on, Lux’s spammable skills and infinite range let her continually whittle, slow, and snare enemies while her team repositions. By combining poking, catching, nuking, and shielding so seamlessly, Lux exerts complete control over ARAM team fights from start to finish. Even in chaotic skirmishes, her skillshots and playmaking allow Lux to constantly dictate the outcome in her favor. It’s easy to see why the Lady of Luminosity continues to shine so brightly atop ARAM’s rankings.

Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil

For the final mage on our best champions in ARAM list, Veigar. With his overwhelming burst and 51.75% win rate, Veigar brings nightmarish one-shot potential to ARAM’s chaotic team fights. Thanks to the frequent skirmishing and endless scaling, Veigar thrives when the game descends into madness. His Q, Baleful Strike, stacks AP endlessly as Veigar farms it on grouped-up targets. After scaling his AP to absurd heights, Veigar unloads his full combo to instantly delete enemies. His W, Dark Matter, drops a meteoric nuke that obliterates entire teams packed together on ARAM’s narrow bridge.

But his E, Event Horizon, makes Veigar truly terrifying for the enemy team. This AoE cage traps and stuns all enemies that touch the edges, setting up perfect W combos for Veigar to unleash his full burst. Once caught inside the cage, not even bruisers or tanks can survive Veigar’s full rotation. His R, Primordial Burst, also executes low-health foes from huge range.

Between his infinite scaling, team fight-changing stuns, and instant one-shot potential, Veigar brings death and destruction to ARAM’s nonstop brawls. As the game drags on and fights devolve into madness under the tower, Veigar’s abilities enable him to single-handedly win team fights. By scaling ever stronger and dominating skirmishes with Event Horizon, Veigar bursts his way to victory in ARAM’s insanity.

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ARAM’s frantic pace and constant team fighting make for exciting League of Legends matches. In this chaotic game mode, champions with strong poke, crowd control, and AoE abilities thrive. As we’ve seen, Senna, Jhin, Brand, Lux, and Veigar currently stand at the top of ARAM’s rankings. Their versatile kits enable them to excel in the narrow lane’s nonstop skirmishing.

By understanding what makes these picks so dominant, players can better leverage them to find success on the Howling Abyss bridge. Their poke, utility, and team fight presence provide an edge that makes ARAM an even more exciting time. So next time you roll a top-tier ARAM champion, try utilizing the tips outlined here to carry your team to victory in riotous fashion.
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