Complete League of Legends Assassins Guide

Stealthy and deadly, assassins are some of the most feared champions on the Summoner’s Rift. Masters of quick bursts of damage and elusive movement, assassins specialize in infiltrating the backlines and rapidly eliminating high-priority targets before escaping unscathed. Three of the most iconic assassins in League of Legends are Zed, Akali, and Talon – each with their own unique abilities that make them a nightmare for careless squishies.

Zed’s razor-sharp shadows slice through enemies as he dances between shadows and deceives foes. Once he marks a target with his shuriken, he can blink to their shadow and unleash lethal damage in an instant. Akali envelops herself in obscurity, dashing through shadows and unleashing elegant but deadly abilities. With perfect execution, she sticks to her targets and finishes them off before they can even react. Talon parkours across terrain and becomes completely invisible to stealthily ambush his prey. His large area of effect abilities and high mobility allow him to quickly wreak havoc on the backlines.

Though with differing techniques, Zed, Akali, and Talon all exemplify the assassin fantasy – being cunning, elusive killers who can eliminate valuable targets before vanishing without a trace. This article will dive deeper into the mechanics and strategies of these lethal champions.

Zed, The Master of Shadows

A menacing shadow cloaked in mystery, Zed stalks the battlefield in pursuit of lethal precision. As one of the most iconic assassins in League of Legends, Zed outmaneuvers his foes with razor-sharp cunning before executing them with a flurry of deadly shadows.

Zed’s passive, Contempt for the Weak, allows him to do escalating damage based on his target’s missing health – allowing him to rapidly finish off wounded enemies. This damaging potential combined with Zed’s elusive mobility makes him a truly terrifying assassin.

His core ability is Living Shadow, which creates an expendable shadow clone of himself that can be reactivated to swiftly swap places. This grants Zed incredible repositioning potential to dance around team fights, able to extend his reach or instantly escape danger. A truly masterful Zed is able to manipulate his and his enemy’s position, keeping their priority target within killing range while staying untouchable.

To ruthlessly eliminate his prey, Zed harasses with Razor Shurikens, firing out spinning blades that slice through enemies. Once his target is marked, he can manifest from shadows and execute them with Death Mark, dealing massive damage while becoming untargetable. Even if he fails to assassinate them, Zed can still use Living Shadow to slip away uns


A truly masterful Zed is able to manipulate distance, juggle aggro, and stalk his prey until the perfect moment to utilize Death Mark arrives. Minimal reaction time combined with Zed’s lethal bursting potential concentrated into his shadows make him a frightening nightmare for squishy backline champions caught unaware. Zed exemplifies the assassin fantasy – deadly cunning blended with elite mobility to eliminate high-priority targets without a trace.

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Akali, The Rogue Assassin

Silent as the night, Akali lurks in obscurity before striking her enemies down with lethal grace. As one of League’s most iconic assassins, Akali moves through shadows to swiftly execute vulnerable targets.

Her passive, Assassin’s Mark, allows her to deal spell damage to her prey as she unleashes her abilities, granting her immense bursting potential. Akali further shrouds herself in mystery with Twilight Shroud, vanishing from sight while obscured in mist to conceal her position.

Her mobility is further enhanced with Shuriken Flip, allowing her to dart between enemies and reposition by leaving an obscuring smoke trail. This allows Akali to stick to priority targets or escape danger. To secure kills, Akali softens up her prey by using Perfect Execution, slicing and dealing massive damage to her targets.

The true moment Akali earns her title as assassin is when she can dive directly onto a marked enemy, unleashing a flurry of graceful strikes to execute them with Assassin’s Mark. After unleashing her damage, Akali once again disappears into twilight, leaving no trace using Twilight Shroud.

A masterful Akali leverages her extreme mobility from Shuriken Flip to dance around team fights, obscuring her presence while singling out vulnerable prey. She whittles down targets from a distance using her Ultimate, waiting for the perfect opportunity to utilize Assassin’s Mark on priority targets. With her elusive twilight abilities, Akali epitomizes the assassin fantasy – hunting her prey from the veil of shadows before vanishing after claiming her victims. A true master dancer of death, Akali’s graceful choreography deals death before her enemies can react, slipping away into the mist after securing her kills.

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Talon, The Blade’s Shadow

Deadly and elusive, Talon parkours through the battlefield hunting vulnerable prey. With an arsenal of stealth and blades, he ambushes his enemies from the shadows before vanishing without a trace.

Talon’s passive, Blade’s End, causes enemies to bleed when struck by his abilities, allowing him to whittle them down over time while pursuing new targets. His Assassin’s Path allows him to parkour over terrain letting him reposition and set up an ambush.

Once in range, Talon unleashes Noxian Diplomacy, leaping at his target and impaling them to deal heavy damage. He can then utilize Mercy, dealing additional damage based on the target’s missing health – perfect for executing weakened enemies.

To obliterate groups of enemies, Talon utilizes his whirling blades with Cutthroat, dealing AoE damage around him while remaining mobile. He can also throw out Rake projectiles to slow targets from a distance.

Once his prey is significantly wounded from his combination of bleeds and blades, he can execute them with Shadow Assault, gaining immense movement speed to chase them down before disappearing into obscurity using stealth from Assassin’s Path.

A crafty Talon initially softens up targets by bleeding them with Blade’s End while harassing them from afar with Rake. He can then seek isolated enemies, vaulting into range with Assassin’s Path before unleashing a brutal Noxian Diplomacy. If surrounded, he deals crippling AoE damage with Cutthroat while staying mobile. Once low enough, Talon hunts his prey relentlessly using Shadow Assault before vanishing.

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Masterful manipulators of shadows and deception, Zed, Akali, and Talon demonstrate the tremendous power held by those who strike from obscurity. Each utilizes their unique techniques to terrorize enemies, eliminating valuable targets before vanishing without a trace. Zed outplays foes with razor cunning, confounding them with elusive shadows. Akali‘s grace deals death through veiled twilight. Talon‘s blades harvest vulnerable lives from the darkness. Though vastly different, their mastery of stealth, mobility, and precision is unmatched.

Facing an adept assassin demands vigilance, positioning, and teamwork. But even the most prepared defenses can be rendered helpless against the ephemeral blades that come reaping from shadows. This lethal trio exemplifies the assassin’s asymmetric threat – relatively little can deter them, yet the havoc they sow spreads fear and paranoia. Though frustrating to face, their deceptive abilities make assassins like Zed, Akali, and Talon intoxicating to master for those seeking to outwit any overconfident foe.
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