how to be a better jungler in league of legends

How To Be a Better Jungler in League of Legends

Want to learn how to be a better Jungler in League of Legends? This article is all you need.

In the highly strategic and dynamic world of League of Legends (LoL), the role of a jungler is of utmost importance. A skilled and strategic jungler can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game, providing support to lanes, securing objectives, and controlling the jungle.

If you’re looking to improve your jungling skills and dominate the Rift, implementing effective strategies is key. Explore these tried and tested strategies on how to be a better Jungler in League of Legends to take your gameplay to the next level.

How To Be a Better Jungler in League of Legends: Tips and Strategies

Jungle Pathing: Maximizing Efficiency and Impact

Effective jungle pathing sets the foundation for success as a jungler. By strategically navigating the jungle, you can optimize your farm, provide timely support to lanes, and maintain pressure on the enemy team. Explore different jungle pathing strategies, such as the traditional “buff-to-buff” route, vertical jungling, or invading the enemy jungle. Adapt your pathing based on the game’s state, champion matchups, and potential opportunities for ganks.

Ganking: Timing, Communication, and Lane Priorities

Successful ganks can turn the tide of the game in your team’s favor. However, ganking requires careful timing, effective communication with your laners, and understanding lane priorities. Coordinate with your teammates to identify opportunities for ganks, paying attention to lane positions, summoner spells, and the enemy’s vision control. Prioritize ganking lanes that have high kill potential or are struggling, providing them with much-needed support and relief.

Vision Control: Warding and Denying Information

Vision control is a vital aspect of effective jungling. By placing and denying vision strategically, you can gather information about the enemy team’s movements and secure objectives. Prioritize sweeping and placing wards in key areas such as the river, dragon and Baron Nashor pits, and the enemy jungle. Coordinate with your support and team to establish a strong vision control game, enabling you to make informed decisions and catch opponents off guard.

Objective Control: Securing Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor

Controlling objectives is essential for securing victory in LoL. As a jungler, it’s your responsibility to secure dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor for your team. Time your jungle pathing and ganks around these objectives, ensuring you have smite available for secure steals or secure captures. Coordinate with your team to set up vision control and communicate your intent to secure objectives effectively.

Counter-Jungling: Disrupting the Enemy’s Farm and Control

Counter-jungling can disrupt the enemy jungler’s farm and control, providing a significant advantage to your team. Keep track of the enemy jungler’s movements and use this information to invade their jungle, steal camps, and place deep wards. Counter-jungling not only limits the enemy’s resources but also provides valuable information to your team about the enemy’s jungle pathing and intentions.


Mastering the art of effective jungling in League of Legends is essential for becoming a formidable force on the Rift. By optimizing your jungle pathing, coordinating well-timed ganks, establishing strong vision control, securing crucial objectives, and disrupting the enemy’s farm and control through counter-jungling, you can greatly impact the outcome of the game. Embrace these strategies, adapt them to different game scenarios, and continuously refine your skills to become an exceptional jungler. Dominate the jungle, empower your team, and pave the way to victory in League of Legends.