League of Legends Clash 2023

The introduction of League of Legends Clash in 2018 added an exciting new competitive game mode to League of Legends. Clash allows teams of five players to battle against others in an organized bracket-style tournament format typically held on weekends.

When Riot Games first launched Clash, it was met with technical issues that disrupted the experience. However, after ironing out those problems, Clash has become a popular way for friends and other pre-made teams to compete in hardcore League of Legends matches.

Leading up to a Clash event, teams can scout out potential opponents and strategize. Once the tournament begins, teams square off in an intense series as they try to climb through the bracket. Advancing to later rounds means facing tougher foes for the chance at glory.

Victorious Clash teams earn loot rewards like Clash tickets for future tournaments, Blue Essence to unlock champions and other content, and skin shards. The competitive and rewarding nature of Clash sets it apart from the regular League of Legends queues. For players seeking a hardcore team-based experience, Clash delivers an adrenaline-filled weekend event.

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Clash Rewards

The thrill of team competition in League of Legends Clash tournaments is heightened by the in-game rewards up for grabs. Based on your ticket entry and how many matches you win before being eliminated, you can earn trophies, banners, various loot orbs, and capsules.

For players using a basic Clash ticket, the orb contains XP boosts, mystery icons and emotes, ward skins, and basic skin shards. With 0 wins, you may get 3x Win XP boosts, a mystery icon, and a Clash logo. At 1 win, rewards include a mystery emote, clash logo, and 640 ward skin. Scoring 2 wins nets a mystery emote, icon, Clash logo, ward skin, 975 skin shard, and basic ticket. And for the best basic ticket orb, get 3 wins to obtain a mystery emote, icon, logo, chibi icon, ward skin, 975 and 1350 skin shards, plus a basic ticket.

Meanwhile, the Premium Ticket Capsule contains more valuable prizes like orange essence, high-tier skin shards, and even mythic essence. With 0 wins, you’ll still get 500 orange essence, 750 skin shard, and a Clash logo. At 1 win, the capsule has 500 orange essence, logo, and multiple skin shards such as 750, 975, and 1350. Upgrade to 2 wins and your haul increases to 750 orange essence, skin shards (750, 975, 1350, 1820), and a Clash logo. For a perfect 3-win premium capsule, get 750 orange essence, skin shards (750, 975, 1350, 1820), a chibi icon, 10 mythic essence, 1350 skin permanent, and a Clash logo.

The premium capsule clearly outpaces the basic orb when it comes to rewards. But all ticket holders receive some loot, ensuring participating in League of Legends Clash tournaments feels rewarding. On top of capsules and orbs, winning teams earn trophies to show off at their nexus. Accumulating victory points also unlocks banner frames to decorate your profile. The tangible in-game prizes add excitement on top of the intense competitive Clash experience.

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Clash Schedule

With the League of Legends World Championship underway, Riot Games has organized a special Worlds-themed Clash tournament for players to participate in concurrently. Clash allows teams of friends to battle in an organized bracket system for glory and prizes.

The Worlds Clash event will take place across two weekends:

  • October 14 (Day 1) – Lock-in starts at 15:45 GMT+2
  • October 15 (Day 2) – Lock-in starts at 15:45 GMT+2
  • November 4 (Day 3) – Lock-in starts at 16:45 GMT+2
  • November 5 (Day 4) – Lock-in starts at 16:45 GMT+2

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Since its 2018 introduction, Clash has become a premier League of Legends event for hardcore team-based competition. The intense bracket-style battles reward victorious squads with shiny trophies and loot capsules. Clash brings esports-like thrills to casual players through organized team play and adrenaline-pumping matches. Riot Games keeps evolving the competitive depth of League, making each Clash weekend a highly anticipated tournament.

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