How to Improve in Last-Hitting Minions

How to Improve in Last-Hitting Minions: Farm, Carry, Win

Discover the secret on how to improve in last-hitting minions and be a pro at farming!

Last-hitting minions, the skill of securing the final blow on enemy minions, is a fundamental aspect of success in League of Legends (LoL). Mastering last-hitting allows you to maximize your gold income, gain an experience advantage, and maintain control over the lane. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore strategies, tips, and techniques to help you improve your last-hitting skills and dominate the minion waves.

Understanding Last-Hitting

Last-hitting refers to landing the final blow on a minion, securing gold and experience. It involves timing your attacks to deal the killing blow, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits. Here are the key elements to keep in mind:

Attack Timing

Timing is crucial when it comes to last-hitting. Understanding the damage output of your champion’s basic attacks and adjusting your timing accordingly will help you secure the last hit on minions.

Minion Health Bars

Pay close attention to the health bars of enemy minions. Anticipate when their health is low enough for you to secure the last hit. This awareness allows you to plan and position yourself effectively.

Minion Prioritization

Identify which minions to prioritize based on their value. Focus on last-hitting cannon minions and siege minions, as they offer higher gold rewards and play a significant role in pushing and defending lanes.

How to Improve in Last-Hitting Minions

To enhance your last-hitting abilities, follow these strategies:

Practice in Custom Games

Create custom games with no opponents and solely focus on last-hitting minions. This dedicated practice will help you become more familiar with your champion’s attack animations and damage output.

Analyze Attack Animations

Different champions have varying attack animations, missile speeds, and attack delays. Spend time understanding these nuances to accurately time your attacks and secure the last hits.

Utilize Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP)

Understanding your champion’s AD and AP ratios is essential for effective last-hitting. Adjust your damage calculations accordingly to ensure you deal just enough damage to secure the last hit.

Utilize Auto-Attacks and Abilities

Both auto-attacks and abilities can be used for last-hitting. Evaluate which option is more suitable based on your champion’s attack speed, ability cooldowns, and mana costs. Optimize your resources to secure as many last hits as possible.

Control Minion Waves

Manipulating minion waves can create favorable last-hitting opportunities. Utilize strategies such as freezing the lane, slow pushing, or fast pushing to control the minion equilibrium and make last-hitting more manageable.

Utilize Cooldowns and Windows of Opportunity

Pay attention to the enemy laner’s ability cooldowns and their positioning. Use this information to identify windows of opportunity for aggressive last-hitting or to punish the opponent for missing key abilities.

Communicate with Your Support

If you are playing in the bottom lane with a support, communicate your last-hitting intentions. Coordinate with your support to ensure they understand when to assist or when to refrain from attacking minions.

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Tips for Last-Hitting Under Tower

Last-hitting under tower can be challenging due to the tower’s damage and attack patterns. Consider the following tips to improve your last-hitting in this scenario:

Melee Minions: Allow the tower to hit the melee minions twice before delivering the final blow.

Caster Minions: Hit the caster minions once, then allow the tower to hit them once before securing the last hit.

Cannon Minions: Cannon minions require more damage due to their higher health. Observe the damage patterns and adjust your attacks accordingly to secure the last hit.

Utilize Abilities: In some cases, you may need to utilize abilities to secure last hits under the tower. Be mindful of your mana usage and cooldowns when resorting to this method.


Mastering the art of last-hitting minions is an essential skill for any aspiring LoL player. By understanding the timing, prioritization, and strategies involved, you can significantly improve your gold income, experience gain, and overall laning presence. Remember to practice consistently, analyze attack animations, and adapt to different scenarios to become a last-hitting virtuoso. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll dominate the minion waves and pave the way for victory on the Fields of Justice.