How to Get Perfect CS in League of Legends

How to Get Perfect CS in League of Legends

Having a hard time last-hitting minons? Learn how to get perfect CS in League of Legends now!

Creep Score (CS), the number of minions and monsters you successfully kill, is a vital aspect of success in League of Legends (LoL). Achieving perfect CS, or near-perfect CS, provides a significant gold and experience advantage, allowing you to dominate your lane and carry your team to victory. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore strategies, tips, and techniques to help you achieve the highest possible CS and optimize your farming efficiency in LoL.

Understanding the Importance of CS

CS directly impacts your gold income, itemization, and overall power level in the game. By achieving perfect CS, you can:

  • Generate a significant gold advantage over your opponents.
  • Secure essential items and complete core item builds more quickly.
  • Gain a level advantage, unlocking powerful abilities earlier.
  • Establish lane dominance and pressure.

How to Get Perfect CS in League of Legends

To achieve perfect CS or come as close as possible, consider implementing the following strategies. But if you want the best and fastest fix, you should try out Arcane Script.

1. Focus on Last-Hitting

Master the art of last-hitting minions. Time your basic attacks to deal the killing blow to minions, securing the gold and experience. Practice your timing and damage calculation to maximize your efficiency.

2. Prioritize Cannon Minions

Cannon minions offer the highest gold value and are generally more challenging to last-hit due to their higher health. Prioritize them over other minions and pay extra attention to secure these valuable targets.

3. Manage Minion Waves

Maintain proper wave management to optimize your CS opportunities. Understand concepts such as freezing the lane, slow pushing, or fast pushing to control the minion equilibrium and create favorable farming situations.

4. Minimize Wasted Time

Avoid unnecessary downtime by constantly farming or preparing to farm. Minimize the time spent waiting for minions to reach last-hit range or idling without a clear objective.

5. Use Abilities Strategically

Utilize your champion’s abilities strategically to secure CS and prevent minions from dying to tower shots. Balance ability usage with mana management, ensuring you have enough resources to farm effectively.

6. Watch the Minimap

Keep a vigilant eye on the minimap to anticipate potential threats or opportunities. Map awareness allows you to make informed decisions about when to farm, rotate, or assist your team.

7. Coordinate with Your Team

Communicate with your team to ensure you have the freedom to farm uninterrupted. Coordinate with your jungler or support to cover your lane during recalls or objective rotations.

8. Adapt to Matchups

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your champion in different matchups. Adjust your playstyle and farming patterns accordingly to optimize your CS without compromising your safety.

9. Practice Farming Drills

Set aside time for practicing farming drills in custom games or practice mode. Focus solely on last-hitting and improving your accuracy and timing. Challenge yourself to achieve higher CS scores each time.

10. Review and Learn from Replays

Review your replays to analyze your CS patterns and identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to missed opportunities, inefficient farming rotations, or situations where you were denied CS and learn from them.


Perfect CS is a skill that requires practice, precision, and game knowledge. By focusing on last-hitting, managing waves, utilizing abilities strategically, and incorporating efficient farming strategies, you can significantly improve your CS scores and gain a significant advantage in LoL. Remember to adapt your approach based on matchups, communicate with your team, and continually strive to enhance your farming efficiency. With dedication and perseverance, you can achieve the highest possible CS and elevate your gameplay to new heights on the Summoner’s Rift.