Top 5 Bot Lane Synergies (2023)

The bot lane meta is constantly shifting in League of Legends as new patches bring buffs, nerfs, and reworks to various champion kits and items. Lately, we’ve seen some interesting synergies emerge for the marksman and support roles that could shape the competitive meta going into the 2023 season. Some classic bot lane duos like Ashe and Leona maintain their strength, while some unexpected pairings have risen to prominence.

In this article, we’ll break the top 5 bot lane combos that are thriving in League of Legends and analyze what makes them so effective. First up is the hyper carry-enchanter pairing of Jinx and Lulu, which enables Jinx to pop off in team fights with Lulu’s attack speed steroids and shields. Next, the hard engage and pick potential of Jhin and Nautilus makes for deadly kill lanes, with Nautilus able to lock down targets for Jhin’s long-range snipes.

Furthermore, the hypercarry scaling of Twitch Yuumi cannot be ignored, with Yuumi providing Twitch stealth and attack speed to shred teams. The bursty poke potential of Lucian Nami allows them to dominate lanes with their damage and healing. Finally, the high-sustain duo of Soraka and Sivir allows them to outlast opponents in extended bot lane skirmishes.

For bot laners looking to climb the ranked ladder before the end of the season, understanding these synergistic duos could be the key to success. With the right duo picks and coordination, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the late-game team fights that define so many matches.

Jinx and Lulu Combo

The Hypercarry and the Fae Sorceress. With her scaling, AoE damage, and exciting reset potential, Jinx has always been a formidable late-game hypercarry. But pairing her with the versatile support Lulu unlocks even more of Jinx’s pop-off carry potential. The synergy between these two champions’ abilities allows them to control lane phase, enable Jinx’s hyper-aggression, and completely take over team fights.

Jinx brings huge AoE team fight damage to the table with her rockets and minigun, especially when she gets takedown resets to keep her Pow-Pow, Fishbones, and Zap firing. Lulu is able to amplify Jinx’s damage output and survivability in fights from Help, Pix!, Whimsy, the shields and CC from Pix, Faerie Companion, and Wild Growth.

With Lulu backing her up, Jinx is able to fully unleash her aggressive, high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Lulu can speed Jinx up for chase-downs or escapes and prevent burst damage with well-timed shields. This gives Jinx the safety net she needs to rocket jump recklessly into the enemy backline or greed for every last turret plate.

Lulu’s Wild Growth (R) combines with Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket (R) to deliver huge damage and disruption in fights and ganks. Lulu can ult Jinx for the bonus health when going for aggressive kills in lane, enabling Jinx to stick around in the fight. Chaining their ultimates is also devastating – Lulu knocks enemies up as Jinx snipes them from downtown.

In team fights, Jinx and Lulu can truly take over the game. Lulu’s utility and enhancements allow Jinx to push her limits, while Jinx provides the massive damage they need to demolish opponents. This potent combo demands respect and has the tools to take over pro play and solo queue.

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Jhin and Nautilus Combo

Jhin, the meticulous criminal mastermind, and Nautilus, the hulking Titan of the Depths, make for an unexpectedly deadly duo in the bot lane. With lockdown crowd control and long-range burst damage, Jhin and Nautilus can execute their enemies with surgical precision.

As a beefy engage support, Nautilus specializes in starting fights and locking down priority targets with his anchor hooks. His passive, Staggering Blow, also allows him to root enemies he autos while his shield is up. This pairs perfectly with Jhin’s long-range damage combos. Nautilus can dredge line in and catch enemies in his Riptide (E) slow zone, allowing Jhin to wrap them up in Deadly Flourish (W) and delete them from long range.

Jhin lacks mobility but makes up for it with sheer damage and CC. After Nautilus lands his anchor, Jhin follows up quickly with Deadly Flourish‘s root and unloads Fourth Shot’s execute damage. Jhin can also set up kills for Nautilus’ all-in with his W to guarantee Dredge Line hits.

Executing their deadly combos requires coordination between Jhin and Nautilus. Well-timed layers of CC from their kits ensure enemies are locked down for the full duration of Jhin’s Curtain Call (R). In team fights, Nautilus can dive the backline and absorb damage, while Jhin picks off low-health targets from maximum range.

With The Virtuoso and The Titan of the Depths working in unison, no target is safe. Their unique synergy of long-range damage and hard crowd control can easily take over games, making this an underrated and lethal combination in Solo Queue and competitive play.

Twitch and Yuumi Combo

Twitch, the Plague Rat, and Yuumi, the Magical Cat, represent one of the strongest hypercarry-enchanter duos in League of Legends. With Yuumi enhancing Twitch’s assassin capabilities, these two champions can stealthily destroy unprepared opponents.

As an attached support, Yuumi grants Twitch attack speed, adaptive force, shielding, and movement speed from her passive, Feline Friendship. This enhances Twitch’s ability to ambush enemies with his stealth from Ambush (Q). Yuumi’s zoomies from Zoomies (E) also give Twitch added mobility in fights or for dodging skill shots.

Twitch Loves Yuumi’s Protection in Teamfights. In extended 5v5 team fights, Yuumi’s abilities really allow Twitch to pop off. She can shield Twitch with Zoomies (E) when he gets focused and augments his Spray and Pray (R) AoE damage. With Yuumi topping off his health and boosting his damage, Twitch is free to decimate clumped-up opponents.

Twitch and Yuumi can also exert pressure across the map with Yuumi detaching to ward or clear vision safely, thanks to Twitch’s ability to stealth with her later for ganks. Their ultimates also combine well, with Yuumi able to call in Twitch’s Spray and Pray cross-map.

With the right micro to win lane and macro to impact the map, the cat-loving duo of Twitch and Yuumi can stealthily claw their way to victory. Their potent late-game team fight damage and pick potential make them a formidable bot lane pair.

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Lucian and Nami Combo

Lucian, the agile gunslinger, has always excelled with enchanter supports, but pairing him with Nami unlocks an especially formidable lane bully duo. With relentless early-game poke, chase potential, and all-in burst, Lucian and Nami can completely overwhelm opponents.

The synergy between Nami’s Tidecaller’s Blessing (E) and Lucian’s Lightslinger (Passive) allows this duo to output devastating poke damage. Lucian’s double auto attacks gain extra burst and bounce potential from Nami’s E.

With his high mobility from Relentless Pursuit (E) and punishing Purification (Q) poke combos, Lucian complements Nami’s formidable laning prowess. Nami and Lucian can reliably push for level 2 first and all-in with their combined damage and CC.

Layering the crowd control from Nami’s Tidal Wave (R) and Lucian’s Culling (R) allows this duo to lock down and chase fleeing low-health targets with ease. Lucian can dash ahead of Nami’s wave for the slow into easy Culling shots. In skirmishes, Nami’s ultimate also guarantees Lucian’s channelled Culling goes uninterrupted.

With dominance in the early game leading to immense mid-game power spikes, the Lucian Nami duo remains a bot lane force to be reckoned with. Their potent synergy continues to make them a priority pick in professional play across all metas.

Soraka and Sivir Combo

Soraka, the celestial protector, and Sivir, the Battle Mistress, make for a formidable duo focused on poke, sustain, and endless shoving. These two Champions cover each other’s weaknesses and enhance each other’s strengths, allowing them to outlast opponents.

With her healing and mana restoration, Soraka enables Sivir to continuously shove waves and siege towers with Ricochet (W). Starcall (Q) also allows Soraka to sustain and poke when needed. With Soraka restoring her mana, Sivir can spam Boomerang Blade (Q) to clear minions and chunk tower plates.

Sivir’s ability to clear minion waves quickly with Ricochet allows Soraka to focus more on harassing enemies in lane. The extra gold from Spellthief’s Edge procs enables Soraka to complete her support item quest faster too. Sivir’s ultimate, On The Hunt, also synergizes with Soraka’s Wish (R) for a map-wide healing combo.

Combined, Sivir and Soraka have all the tools to consistently shove in the first few waves and establish priority. Soraka’s ranged harassment makes it risky for enemies to walk up. With early priority and towers taken quickly, Sivir speeds up her core items.

Though immobile, Sivir and Soraka’s ability to avoid getting engaged on and out-sustain poke makes them a potent duo in capable hands. With excellent wave management and vision control, they can take over the map and dominate team fights through superior sustain and kiting.

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The bot lane duo can make or break a team’s chances of success in League of Legends. As this article has explored, patch 13.18 brought several potent pairings to the forefront that could shape the competitive meta in major ways.

Jinx-Lulu, Jhin-Nautilus, Twitch-Yuumi, Lucian-Nami, and Soraka-Sivir all have unique strengths that make them forces to be reckoned with right now. Their ability to win lanes through poke, all-ins, or out-sustaining; set up and enable kills in the mid-game; and become overwhelming team fight threats in the late game is unmatched.

For aspiring bot laners, studying and mastering these synergistic duo dynamics should be a priority. Gaining deep familiarity with how your Support’s kit complements your own as ADC, and vice versa, is crucial to excelling in the role. Adapting your playstyle and strategy to align with your Support partner is equally important.

Of course, the meta continues to evolve with each patch. But keeping up with the top-performing duos and understanding what makes them so effective will ensure you have an advantage in your ranked climb leading into Season 2023. So dive deep into these potent pairings, sharpen your coordination with your Support, and dominate the bot lane victorious.
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