Soul Fighter Bounty Missions Complete Guide

Soul Fighter Bounty Missions, Tournament of Souls, and Arena are new and exciting features added to League of Legends in Patch 13.14. The latest update has introduced several new features that both competitive and casual League of Legends players will enjoy especially the new Gamemode.

Some examples of Soul Fighter bounties include Summoning Rift Herald, Killing Enemy Players, or Playing the new Arena mode. The more you progress through these missions, the greater the reward. This adds an extra layer of depth and strategy to matches as players try to balance completing bounties with the normal objectives of the game.

The Soul Fighter Bounty Missions offer new ways for all types of League players to challenge themselves and earn bonuses. Whether you’re a competitive ranked player or someone just looking to spice up normal games, these missions create fresh opportunities for outplays and showing off your skills. This article will explore everything you need to know about finishing your Soul Fighter Missions.

Bounty Level 1 – Gwen

“Her scissors snip dresses, her thread restores health, but before she heals others, she must first heal herself.”

To complete the bounty, pick Gwen in any matchmade game and focus on healing yourself using any available means of self-healing. You can equip the heal summoner spell or use items such as Riftmaker to restore Gwen’s health.

Reward: Soul Fighter Gwen Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 2 – Lux

“A sister of light, abandoned, must run; be careful, her power, it shines like the sun.”

Completing the second bounty is quite easy. Simply pick Lux and use your ultimate to eliminate an enemy champion.

Reward: Soul Fighter Lux Wanted Icon

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Bounty Level 3 – Naafiri

“A new champion has entered the fight. Pair up in the ring, but beware of her bite.”

For this one, you’d need to play an Arena match. You can earn rewards by either playing with or against Naafiri. Alternatively, you can also finish the bounty if you or someone else has banned her.

Reward: Soul Fighter Naafiri Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 4 – Jhin

“Theatrical, meticulous, artistic, insane… Murder in 4’s is this man’s alm.”

Jhin mains will love this, simply get 4 kills as Jhin.

Reward: Soul Fighter Jhin Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 5 – Pyke

“Across life and death, he formed a bond. Now dive with him, into the Lands Beyond.”

In order to complete Level 5, you’d need to use Pyke’s W and eliminate an enemy champion with your Ultimate.

Reward: Soul Fighter Pyke Wanted Icon

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Bounty Level 6 – Evelynn

“The first human infused with the power of souls. First, take their lives. Then, take control.”

Completing Level 6 is quite easy, simply charm an enemy champion with your W, and then finish them off with any other ability.

Reward: Soul Fighter Evelynn Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 7 – Sett

“A fighter with the power to turn hurt into strength. How much damage can one man take?”

Finishing Level 7 won’t be as easy as it sounds, you’d need to tank 30k damage as Sett

Reward: Soul Fighter Sett Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 8 – Shaco

“He desires nothing, he’s shapeless and spry. He’ll march forward blindly in the wake of the Eye.”

This one has to be in Summoner’s Rift. Simply obtain the Eye of the Herald by defeating the Rift Herald and summon it.

Reward: Soul Fighter Shaco Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 9 – Viego

“Her screams of anguish shield this lover from the fact that neither tenacity nor strength consumed can ever bring her back.”

We recommend finishing this mission in CO-OP vs AI, since the mission requires you to buy certain items that don’t match Viego’s normal build. Play as Viego, buy Banshee’s Veil, and drink an Elixir of Iron.

Reward: Soul Fighter Viego Wanted Icon

Bounty Level 10 – Samira

“She moves like a spirit, her attacks exude style. Her flair and her flare are both undeniable.”

Play as Samira, take Ghost, ignite, and build Collector.

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In conclusion, the addition of Soul Fighter Bounty Missions has given League of Legends players exciting new ways to showcase their mastery of champions. Whether you prefer playing sharpshooters like Jhin or Assassins like Pyke, the bounty system rewards you for highlighting your best skills. 

Champions that thrive on picking off enemies like Evelynn and Shaco can quickly stack up bounties through ganks and takedowns. For warriors like Gwen, Sett, and Naafiri, the push bounty gives them incentives to bulldoze down turrets and win lane dominance. With so many types of missions, there are opportunities for all different champion mains to earn bonuses and carry games.

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