how to split push in league of legends

How to Split Push in League of Legends: A Complete Guide

Learn how to split push in League of Legends and end more games with a win.

Split pushing is a powerful and strategic technique in League of Legends that can apply immense pressure on the map, create opportunities for objectives, and lead your team to victory. If you wish to become a master split pusher, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge, tactics, and mindset needed to split push effectively and make game-changing impacts on the battlefield.

What is Split Pushing in League of Legends?

Split pushing is a strategy where a player pushes a lane on their own, drawing enemy attention to that lane while the rest of the team applies pressure elsewhere on the map. The goal is to force the enemy team into a difficult decision: either send multiple members to deal with the split pusher, allowing your team to secure objectives or engage in favorable team fights, or ignore the split pusher, giving them opportunities to take down turrets and inhibitors.

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How to Split Push in League of Legends

1. Vision and Map Awareness

Before starting your split push, ensure that you have proper vision in the surrounding jungle areas and the lane you intend to push. Ward defensively to spot enemy rotations and prevent ganks. Keep a close eye on the minimap to anticipate enemy movements and make informed decisions.

2. Champion Selection

Not all champions are suited for split pushing. Opt for champions with strong dueling potential, wave-clearing capabilities, and escape tools. Champions with teleport (Teleport Summoner Spell or a built-in teleport ability) are ideal for split pushing, as they can quickly join team fights or return to defend if needed.

3. Timing and Map Pressure

Timing is crucial in split pushing. Communicate with your team to ensure they apply pressure elsewhere on the map while you split push. This creates a dilemma for the enemy team, as they must decide between dealing with you or responding to your team’s advances.

4. Map Objectives

Coordinate your split push with the availability of objectives such as Dragon, Baron, or Rift Herald. If the enemy team commits resources to defend against your split push, your team can secure these crucial objectives on the other side of the map.

5. Safe and Smart Split Pushing

Always prioritize safety while split pushing. Avoid pushing too far without vision of the enemy team, as this can lead to getting caught and killed. Keep an eye on enemy champions’ locations to gauge when it’s safe to push and when you should back off.

6. Communication with Your Team

Clear and effective communication with your team is essential for successful split pushing. Let your team know your intentions and alert them when the enemy team responds to your split push. Pinging the map and using chat can help coordinate plays and rotations.

7. Draw and Rotate

If the enemy team commits multiple members to deal with your split push, consider rotating to another lane or rejoining your team for a potential fight. The goal is to keep the enemy team guessing and create opportunities for your team to gain advantages.

8. Balancing Split Pushing and Team Fights

While split pushing can be incredibly impactful, it’s essential to strike a balance between splitting and team fighting. Assess the state of the game and the needs of your team. If your team is strong in team fights or you have a crucial objective to secure, group with your team to capitalize on these advantages.


Mastering the art of split pushing in League of Legends requires vision control, map awareness, champion selection, and effective communication with your team. Time your split pushes wisely, apply pressure on the map, and make informed decisions based on the enemy team’s responses. By becoming a master split pusher, you will be a formidable force, creating strategic advantages and leading your team to victory through your tactical prowess and map control in the thrilling world of League of Legends.