How to Use Jax

How to Use Jax: A Guide to A God-Tier Top Laner In 2023

Learn how to use Jax and carry your team to victory in this comprehensive guide.

In the ever-evolving world of League of Legends (LoL), certain champions rise to the top of the meta, becoming formidable forces on the Summoner’s Rift. One such champion currently dominating the scene is Jax.

Renowned for his incredible dueling potential, split-pushing prowess, and late-game scaling, Jax has solidified his position as a god-tier top lane pick in the current LoL meta of 2023. In this guide, we will delve into the beauty of Jax’s kit, explore optimal strategies, and provide you with the knowledge to wield Jax effectively and leave a trail of destruction in your wake.

Understanding Jax’s Abilities

To fully grasp the power of Jax, it’s crucial to comprehend his unique abilities and how they synergize to make him an unstoppable force.

Passive: Relentless Assault

Jax’s passive ability, Relentless Assault, empowers his basic attacks. With every consecutive attack, Jax gains increased attack speed, making him a devastating duelist. This ability allows Jax to stack up his damage output and out-trade opponents in extended engagements.

Q: Leap Strike

Leap Strike is Jax’s signature ability, enabling him to leap towards a target, be it an enemy, ally, or ward. This versatile tool serves multiple purposes, including engaging onto squishy targets, escaping dangerous situations, or even securing last-hits on minions. Proper utilization of Leap Strike is essential for maximizing Jax’s mobility and survivability.

W: Empower

Empower is Jax’s bread and butter ability, enhancing his next basic attack to deal bonus damage. This ability synergizes well with Jax’s passive, as the enhanced attack further increases his burst potential. Empower is a key component of Jax’s devastating combo and should be used to unleash devastating blows on unsuspecting enemies.

E: Counter Strike

Counter Strike is what truly separates the skilled Jax players from the rest. Upon activation, Jax dodges all incoming basic attacks for a short duration and stuns enemies in a small area around him upon reactivation. This ability is instrumental in duels, team fights, and even tower dives, allowing Jax to mitigate significant damage while simultaneously locking down enemies.

R: Grandmaster’s Might

Jax’s ultimate ability, Grandmaster’s Might, passively increases his overall tankiness by granting bonus armor and magic resist based on his bonus attack damage and ability power. When activated, Jax gains bonus attack damage and can empower his basic attacks to deal area-of-effect damage. This ultimate enhances Jax’s already formidable capabilities and turns him into an unstoppable force.

How to Use Jax

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How to Use Jax and Dominate

Now that we’ve covered Jax’s abilities, it’s time to explore effective strategies that will help you leverage his god-tier status in the current meta.

Capitalize on Early Game Power

While Jax’s true potential shines in the late game, it’s important not to neglect his early game strength. Jax possesses significant dueling potential even in the early stages of the game. Look for opportunities to trade aggressively with your opponents, utilizing Empower and the empowered basic attacks from Relentless Assault to unleash devastating blows. This early dominance can set you up for a snowballing advantage as the game progresses.

Farm Efficiently and Scale

As Jax, it’s crucial to prioritize farming and accumulating gold to accelerate your itemization. Efficiently last-hit minions and maintain a steady flow of income. Jax scales exceptionally well with items, particularly those that grant attack damage, attack speed, and survivability. Aim to reach your core items as quickly as possible to unlock Jax’s true potential.

Split-Pushing and Map Pressure

Jax excels at split-pushing due to his incredible dueling capabilities and tower-taking potential. Capitalize on this strength by applying pressure in side lanes, forcing enemies to respond to your split-push. Keep an eye on the minimap, communicate with your team, and take advantage of objectives, such as Dragon or Baron Nashor, when the enemy team sends multiple members to deal with your split-push. Use Jax’s mobility to quickly join team fights if necessary or continue applying pressure in other lanes.

Master the Art of Dueling

Jax’s kit is tailor-made for dueling and outplaying opponents. Understanding the intricacies of his abilities and knowing when to activate Counter Strike is crucial. Time your dodges effectively to mitigate damage from enemy auto-attacks and unleash devastating stuns to turn the tides of duels. Mastery of Jax’s dueling potential will elevate your gameplay and allow you to outclass opponents in one-on-one situations.

Coordinate with Your Team

Although Jax is a strong split-pusher, it’s essential to coordinate with your team and make informed decisions. Communicate your intentions, such as when you plan to split-push or when it’s time to group for team fights. Effective teamwork and communication can lead to coordinated engages, objective control, and overall map dominance.


In the current LoL meta of 2023, Jax stands tall as a god-tier champion, dominating the rift with his dueling prowess, split-pushing capabilities, and late-game scaling. By understanding Jax’s abilities, utilizing effective strategies, and mastering the art of dueling, you can harness the full potential of this powerful champion. Dominate your opponents, establish map pressure, and leave your mark as an unstoppable force with Jax, the god-tier champion of the current LoL meta.