how to use karthus adc

How to Use Karthus ADC in 2023 and Get Free LP

Learn How to Use Karthus ADC and use this unorthodox approach to climb the ladder.

In the vast and diverse world of League of Legends (LoL), the bot lane has traditionally been the domain of marksmen, commonly known as AD Carries (ADCs). However, there are times when a champion from a different role can bring a unique and unexpected approach to the bot lane.

One such champion is Karthus, a mage renowned for his devastating area-of-effect damage and global presence. In this guide, we will explore the unorthodox yet potent strategy of using Karthus as an ADC, providing you with insights, tips, and strategies to dominate the bot lane with this unconventional pick.

Understanding Karthus’ Skillset

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand the strengths and playstyle of Karthus as an ADC.

Passive: Death Defied

Karthus’s passive, Death Defied, allows him to continue casting spells for a short duration after death. This unique ability grants him the potential to contribute to fights even after falling in battle, making him a threat in team fights even in his dying moments.

Q: Lay Waste

Lay Waste is Karthus’s primary damage ability. It allows him to summon an arcane explosion at a targeted location, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This ability becomes a potent tool for poke, wave clear, and damage output in the bot lane.

W: Wall of Pain

Wall of Pain is a powerful utility spell that Karthus brings to the bot lane. It creates a wall of energy that slows and reduces the magic resistance of enemies who pass through it. Properly placed walls can provide crowd control and setup opportunities for you and your support to secure kills.

E: Defile

Defile is Karthus’s toggle ability, causing him to deal sustained damage over time to nearby enemies while draining his mana. This ability allows Karthus to maintain a consistent damage output during fights and contributes to his wave-clearing capabilities.

R: Requiem

Karthus’s ultimate ability, Requiem, is what sets him apart from traditional ADCs. It channels for a few seconds before dealing massive magic damage to all enemy champions across the map. Properly timed and positioned Requiems can turn the tide of battles and secure kills for your team.

How to Use Karthus ADC

Now that we understand Karthus’s abilities, let’s explore the strategies that will help you leverage his unique strengths as an ADC in the bot lane. But before everything else, make sure you check out Arcane Script as it will help immensely in using Karthus to rank up.

Farm Safely and Scale

As Karthus ADC, your primary goal in the early game is to farm safely and scale into the late game. Focus on last-hitting minions, utilizing Lay Waste to secure CS from a safe distance. Karthus’s passive, Death Defied, provides a unique advantage in this regard, as you can continue farming and contributing to fights even after dying. Prioritize gold and experience to reach your power spikes and unleash devastating damage later in the game.

Coordinate with Your Support

Communication and coordination with your support are crucial when playing Karthus ADC. Discuss your playstyle, strategies, and engage opportunities with your support. Certain support champions can synergize well with Karthus, providing crowd control, peel, or sustain to enhance your effectiveness in fights. Work together to create favorable engagements and secure kills.

Utilize Lay Waste for Poke and Wave Clear

Lay Waste is your primary tool for poke and wave clear as Karthus ADC. Use it to harass enemy champions when they position poorly, wearing them down over time. Additionally, Lay Waste’s area-of-effect damage is invaluable for clearing waves quickly, allowing you to maintain pressure and prevent enemies from roaming.

Capitalize on Your Global Presence

One of Karthus’s unique strengths is his global presence with his ultimate, Requiem. Keep a close eye on other lanes and communicate with your team to identify opportunities where Requiem can turn the tides of fights or secure kills. Properly timed Requiems can swing the momentum of the game and provide you with an advantage in the bot lane.

Positioning and Awareness in Team Fights

In team fights, positioning is key as Karthus ADC. Position yourself carefully to maximize the damage output of Lay Waste and Defile while staying relatively safe. Be mindful of enemy threats and utilize Wall of Pain to create distance or zone opponents. Remember, your passive allows you to continue dealing damage even after death, so strategically position yourself to make the most of it.


While Karthus may not be a conventional choice for the ADC role, his unique strengths and abilities make him a formidable presence in the bot lane. By understanding his kit, utilizing effective strategies, and coordinating with your support, you can unleash devastating damage and dominate the bot lane as Karthus ADC. Farm safely, poke with Lay Waste, and capitalize on your global presence with Requiem. Embrace the unorthodox and surprise your opponents with the power of Karthus ADC in the world of League of Legends.