Best Champions to Rank Up in 2023

The Best Champions to Rank Up in 2023 – League of Legends

Want to know the best champions to rank up in 2023 and the current meta? Here are the top picks for each role!

When it comes to climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends (LoL), choosing the right champions can make a significant difference. The meta is constantly evolving, with certain champions rising in popularity and effectiveness. In this article, we will highlight some of the best champions to help you rank up in 2023.

These champions excel in their respective roles and have a strong presence in the current meta. Let’s dive in and discover the champions that can elevate your gameplay and increase your chances of climbing the ranked ladder.

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Best Champions to Rank Up in 2023

Top Lane


Gnar is a versatile top lane champion with excellent crowd control, mobility, and team fight presence. His ability to switch between ranged and melee forms gives him an advantage in various matchups. Gnar’s Mega Gnar form provides impactful engage and disruption, making him a formidable force in team fights.


Camille is a duelist with exceptional mobility and burst damage. She excels at split pushing and catching out-of-position enemies. Camille’s ability to lock down single targets with her Hookshot and Ultimate can turn the tide of battles and secure crucial picks.



Hecarim is a highly mobile jungler known for his ability to engage and disrupt the enemy team. With his devastating charge ability, Hecarim can quickly close the gap, unleash damage, and cause chaos in team fights. His ganking potential and scaling make him a strong pick for junglers aiming to carry their teams.


Rumble brings a unique combination of sustained damage and area control to the jungle role. With his Flamespitter and Equalizer abilities, Rumble can deal significant damage to multiple enemies and turn team fights in his team’s favor. His ultimate, The Equalizer, can single-handedly change the outcome of battles.

Mid Lane


Syndra remains a dominant force in the mid lane with her burst damage and control abilities. Her combination of long-range poke and all-in potential makes her a formidable laner. Syndra’s ability to pick off high-value targets with her Scatter the Weak and Unleashed Power abilities can heavily impact team fights.


Orianna is a versatile mid lane mage with exceptional utility and team fight presence. Her Command: Shockwave ultimate can turn the tide of battles, while her Command: Protect shields and empowers her allies. Orianna’s zoning potential and ability to control the battlefield make her a valuable asset for any team.

ADC (Attack Damage Carry)


Jinx is an ADC with immense late-game damage and incredible range. Her Rocket Launcher allows her to deal damage to multiple enemies at once, while her passive ability, Get Excited!, grants her increased movement speed on takedowns, allowing her to chase down enemies and secure kills.


Kai’Sa is a versatile ADC with the ability to adapt her build to the game’s circumstances. With her exceptional scaling and mobility, Kai’Sa can excel in both early and late game. Her ability to evolve her abilities based on her itemization provides versatility and allows for different playstyles.



Leona is an aggressive support known for her strong engage and crowd control. With her Zenith Blade and Solar Flare abilities, Leona can initiate team fights and lock down key targets. Her tankiness and ability to peel for her ADC make her a valuable pick for climbing the ranked ladder.


Thresh remains a popular and versatile support pick with his ability to engage, disengage, and provide utility to his team. His Death Sentence and Flay abilities allow him to set up kills and make crucial plays. Thresh’s lantern, Dark Passage, provides an escape or engagement tool for his teammates.


The champions listed above are just a few examples of the best champions to rank up with in League of Legends in 2023. However, it’s important to remember that individual playstyle, comfort with the champion, and mastery of mechanics also play a significant role in climbing the ranked ladder. Experiment with different champions, find the ones that suit your playstyle, and invest time in mastering their abilities and mechanics. With dedication, practice, and the right champion choices, you can increase your chances of success and climb the ranks in League of Legends.